How does it work?

You can continue your activities during sessions

Greet is a Reiki Master/ Teacher with 24 + years experience, based in Toronto. She is very welcoming ,patient and dedicated to the holistic well being of others. She treats people from all over the world over distance and her individual sessions are known to be able to bring a 180 degree turn in your life. Especially in her long term Individual Programs. She works daily one hour on your picture ( or on your name if you do not feel comfortable providing a picture) and you will start to notice changes. Results vary from person to person and sessions are not refundable or transferable. She follows up with you on your changes through email and you can go on with your activities while she does the sessions. The sessions will work the whole day around, starting a clearing of your energy field. It removes dark holes (spots with no light), that are blockages caused by passed negative issues ,balancing your chakras and your whole energy field. These blockages prevent good things needed to enter your path. They cause fear, anxiety, depressions, low self esteem and disease. By removing them you start to attract good things needed on your path and this will happen more frequently, while things that are not suitable for you start to leave. 

After you book, you will be contacted by Greet within 14 hours and your first individual session will start the next day or whenever you prefer. The sessions can also be ordered for another person ,and works the same way, no matter if the person knows or doesn't know he/she gets treated.
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