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Because Greet wants to make Reiki affordable for everyone, she offers besides her remarkable 'Individual' Sessions, small group sessions. Unlike the individual sessions the group sessions do not come with personal follow up. For 'Individual' Sessions go to Navigation bar!

In the HAPPY CLUB Greet will do Reiki on your name, or picture if you prefer.Sessions are over distance while you go on with your activities. You do not need to do anything special. They will work the whole day and you will start to notice changes, starting a clearing of your energy field. Results vary from person to person. It removes dark holes (spots with no light), that are blockages caused by passed negative issues ,balancing your chakras and your whole energy field. These blockages prevent good things needed to enter your path. They cause fear, anxiety, depressions, low self esteem and disease .By removing them you start to attract good things needed on your path and this will happen more frequently, while things that are not suitable for you start to leave. When you join the HAPPY CLUB you get an account where you can log in anytime and stop your membership. As long as the membership runs, your credit card will be charged once a month. You will also receive all needed info. We recommend when things start to change, to stay in the program to ensure your life KEEPS improving!
When signed up please email your picture to Greet at or she will work on your name only.


SILVER: Only 9.99$/month!

4 Reiki Sessions/month! Every Wednesday between 5 PM - 11 PM EST.! 40 min. Sessions in a small group of 10

GOLD: Only 17.99$/month!

6 Reiki Sessions/month! Every Thursday between 5 PM - 11 PM EST. & Every First and Last  Monday between 5 PM - 11 PM EST.! 40 min. Sessions in a small group of 8. People 

PLATINIUM: Only 24.99$/month! BEST VALUE!

8 Reiki Sessions/month + 1 FREE Individual Session for signing up! Every Friday  5 PM - 11 PM EST. & Every Tuesday between 5 PM - 11 PM EST.! Each Session is 1 hour in a very small group of 4!