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Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is practiced worldwide, with history in Indian, Mayan and Egyptian astrology. The Palm Reader studies your palm and gives insights to character or future or guidance.

Our Lovely Partner Mrs. Soleil is very accurate in her Palm Readings and has over 25 years of experience. It is her great pleasure doing this for you as well. 

What happens after you order a Palm Reading?

You will receive a confirmation email right away and shortly after you will receive a personal email asking for a picture of your hand palms.

1) Take a high quality photo of both palms, either in two pictures or in one. Be sure the lines on your hands are clearly visible.
2) Leave a note which hand is your dominant hand.
3) Sit back and wait for your reading! This will be done ASAP.  


* I have had four psychic readings before in the past, but I must say Irma is truly amazing! She was spot on everything. And some of her predictions has already come through. I love my reading. I highly recommend her. She’s been such a great help! Thank you. Leslie B.

* Im so glad I tried this! Truly amazing what I learned. Wow! J.D. Illinois 

* How can she know all that?? And she is right! I am exactly like that. I’m stunned! Brenda M. 

* Got more then expected from this Reading. Very accurate. Yvonne B.