Crystal Reiki will amplify the power of all your healing vibrational energies. Receiving the Crystal Reiki Master Attunement, helps you to shift your consciousness, increase your awareness and energy. Is good for those wishing to progress on your their spiritual journey of ascension, into higher frequencies of energies and will greatly increase your healing ability.

To receive the attunement you will need to have 6 single or double terminated quartz or have received the Ethereal Crystal System so you can use the Etheric Qualities instead

You will receive:

*A Crystal Reiki Manual.

*1 Attunement to master Level.

*A Certificate Template.

*Guidance and Support

You will receive for each course very powerful fully transmitted attunements to Master level, manuals,certificates and support.
Package Deals!
10 courses of your choice to Master Level: 189$
25 courses of your choice to Master Level: 269$
50 courses of your choice to Master Level: 369$
Greet is known for her very powerful FULLY transmitted Attunements to Master level! ( Distant Attunement Experiences on Navigation bar )
When your Attunnement is done right, you only need to get attuned once in your life for each Level!
WARNING! If you do not receive fully transmitted Attunements, courses will NOT work, even if you do have the manuals. Many sites sell courses with manuals but attunements are weak and neglected. When this happens you end up NOT developing your full potential, receiving nothing more than manuals and certificates. 

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