Distant Reiki Healing For You? ......... Experiences Below

I suffered traumatic brain injury in October. I've been going to concussion clinic 3x week. Since I got Reiki I only go 1x now. They tell me my whole self has changed. I used to get migraines every day from concussion. Would be screaming. No more..Gone..my Drs are like WOW. Also 4 yrs agoI broke my lower back and have 2 rods,6 screws and cadaver bone. It's rare to feel anything at all there. Now I get odd pains like it is trying to repair. I was struggling with smoking. I find it disgusting. I feel sick to my stomach daily if I'm around cigarettes, or any kind of toxins. I was drinking 5 cups of coffee a day...now 1 makes me sick. I had minimal eyesight in my right eye. My eye actually drifted to the right. I haven't seen an eye doc.I waited to see what Reiki could do. My eye keeps improving. That is amazing...with the LORD and positive light you send me. GREET, I am made almost whole again. I don't sleep during the days. I used to sleep all the time. I have way more energy. I'm calm. Unusually calm. My whole life I've been nervous. Now I worry very little, seem to cry often and I dream..I've suffered traumatic abuse in my past..I never thought I'd feel peace ever! Ty~ Shannon R. ( USA )


For those that may not believe that distant healing works, I am here to tell you that it does! I was at my wits end with my husband, so I hired Greet without telling him about it. He still doesn't know. Greet's healing has cleared my husband from his anxiety and depression, and has removed most of his pains/aches he suffered due to many injuries in the past. She was even able to clear him of his eczema/psoriasis that he suffered with over the last 10+ years!!! Greet has helped me with clearing as well. My pains/aches were mild, but mentally I was exhausted. She has been able to lift the weight/negativity away from me and I feel I can take on the world. Greet has turned our lives around in the last 6 months. I will be forever grateful to her! ~ Jackie ( USA )


I have permanent neuro damage among other ailments & more recently a heart attack & horrible emphysema. I smoked & drank coffee for 40 years. Since treatment they went from tasting bad to making me sick. I sleep more fitfully between pain bouts. I am calmer than I have been in many years. I have had healing from several & groups of people on different occasions through the years, but none have been as strong or worked as well as this precious soul. I very highly recommend to all in need. ~ W.Ray ( USA )

Good morning Greet. I'm doing well, OMG, thank you! I fell asleep about 10 min into healing, so peaceful. Since 1999 I had constant muscle spasm when I do bending and lifting, and always pulling with my left side. I do it now and it's fine,lol. My back too.Now I can lift my grandson like he is an eagle feather. The muscle spasm are completely gone. I am healthy and whole! Amen. I am so happy you came into my life. Thank you so much! ~ Hilda Louie ( CANADA )

This is how it all started for me. I can't stress enough how Greet and Reiki Healing has changed my life. It has healed me of very old trauma from past physical abuse, a lifetime of control from family, ex spouse, being molested at age 12 by my cousin, nearly killed twice by my ex, heartbreaks from family turning their back on me after my divorce 3 years ago. talk about hurting inside, black holes and yucky messes in me, I had it. Greet can help you in so many ways. Are you depressed over the loss of a loved one, a divorce? Does life seem to not make sense, are you stuck in a cycle of not knowing how to help yourself or what direction to take with your life? Are you ill or have a disease? Reiki Healing is the answer with God's amazing love and healing energy, just like so many healers of old and new. Don't wait one more minute on taking care of YOU! you are worth everything and deserve this. I am now at 2nd Level with Reiki and plan to go Master/Teacher as soon as Greet advises me to. I feel God's presence more and the angels. I feel them near me with that goose bump feeling on my head and all over. I love Reiki and love this woman. She is Godsend and my miracle on this earth. God bless all of you. Be safe and let Greet help you today. You won't regret it one bit. Just follow her instructions, advise and allow yourself to be amazed. Namaste. ~ Marion Logan ( TEXAS )

If that was you at 8.15 this evening I thought you were God at first. My lungs felt suddenly lighter, not on fire & did not hurt, but it was almost Euphoric. Then my hurting leg, then the top of my head, both arms at the same time & it felt irritating. Then back to my lungs again & the euphoric feeling. I have only felt similar the night you gave me that "shock". this time was much more. I was laying here thinking I would say, what the heck, but all I can focus on is this feels miraculous. This was stronger than anything I have ever felt, or any work. No offense meant, this was wild, you have gotten stronger,or??The back of my head still feels lighter than it has in years,ie knots, sinus stuff, thoracic stuff. Feels like a massage person worked on my body for hours, but like years ago when I was in better health. Once again, you have floored me. ~ John L. ( USA )
We are into 4th week of Reiki sessions and it's been intense in a beautiful way. I have given up smoking after 45 years. The insane part is, I feel like I have never been a smoker. I have not craved or felt the need to smoke. I wake up feeling so much love, peace and lightness with in myself, in a total flow state. I didn't realize how much smoking controlled my life. How much I depended on it. Freedom from smoking is amazing. Thanks Greet. Namaste my friend. XXX ~ Robyn Noyes ( AUSTRALIA )

I saw the chiropractor for my right the day after we started my healing and when I went back 3 days later she was amazed at how far I'd come. This week was also a good visit with her saying I might only need 1 or 2 more treatments. I told her I was receiving distant Reiki healing and I felt that was helping me improve so quickly. She was pleased that it was doing so much for me. My right shoulder is also a source of much pain and is currently limited in it's mobility, but since the Reiki started I have noticed great improvement there as well. The condition I have takes a couple of years to go away, yet since we started I have noticed an increased range of motion. There is still a lot of pain in the area, but it's not as bad as it was and there's barely any pain when I move my arm around, wich is a mayor step forward! Dreams, lost memories of good and bad things, tears..all have been happening. ~ Sheelagh ( CANADA )
I was stuck in life, love and business. When Greet started the daily healings I began to have vivid dreams and roller coaster emotions. Suddenly things began to change. VERY drastic changes - and I lost my job! That was the main area I was stuck - That job made me so miserable, yet I couldn't move away from it. Now being 1/4 into healing I felt empowered to break free and better offers are coming in and giving me reason for excitement instead of fear! I am no longer worrying where I stand with my love interest. I am truly embracing the "Power Lady" status Greet labels me with. It's ;ile I don't even realize Reiki worked until I look back and compare. I have complete faith that a better a better a better life is emerging and see this happening already - change is good! This was the best investment I could have ever  made in myself! ~ Lori ( FLORIDA )
HEHE!! I AM FEELING PRETTY GOOD! Thank you again Greet! That was wild AHAHHAHA. Your attunements are so powerful! I have been reading quite a bit about some people's experiences during Reiki 2 attunement and they just feel tired. I feel I got the mother load AHAHA. SO THANK YOU!!!! I had such a wild sensation in my legs mainly. Strange tingling but intense and rather strange. I felt I needed to stretch them all the time. Not had that with first attunement. Felt very different. I agree. Way more intense my love. Hugs and many Blessings my love. Robyn Noyes XOXOXOXO ( AUSTRALIA )

Hi Greet, during attunement was just AMAZING! I had lots of tingling all over and back where I have problems. Seemed to pulse between no pain, then it would slowly creep up to very high but only for a second, then back to no pain. I felt my solar plexus & heart chakras were blooming like a flower and I could feel each petal opening. This seemed to go on for a very long time and then I fell asleep. I woke a few times through the night and could still feel tingles in my hands and legs. I will be practicing every day. Thank you! ~ Gayle Marie ( AUSTRALIA )
Hi Greet. It was very peaceful. At first, I felt there was a pressure on the top of my head, like the energy was coming in through there. It was tingling there for a long time. Then my hands and all the tips of my fingers felt tingling too. then I felt like my energy body expanded outside of my physical body. It was feeling like whatever inside of me stretched out of my skin. and I'm feeling some pressure on my heart chakra. There was a bit of pain but then it expanded. then I felt the energy moved up to my neck and throat and part of my head. Then my hands felt the pressure like there was a big force of energy getting in and they were tingling all the time. I was fully aware of the energy. thanks for the attunement. I loved it! ~ Amy ( VIETNAM )
It was amazing! I saw Jesus and my guides had a beautiful message for me. Lots of pressure on the crown, third eye and solar plexus. I can't believe I saw Jesus's face! Lots going on in my throat chakra as well. I felt chilly but then very warm. I was asked to raise the palms of my hands and what looked like bright diamond light was put in them. this was by far one of the most powerful sessions I have ever had. Thank you so much for what you do. Love & Blessings. Always. ~ Liliana Waugaman ( USA )

I had tingling energy at my hands, body and feet, EVERYWHERE! I felt the third eye chakra open, pressure, tingling. My neck became warm and felt pressure on my throat. my lower jaw, teeth had some discomfort, nothing bad. I felt pressure over my heart chakra. as I tingled all over I felt cold and at times burning sensations around my chest, parts of my body and face. I felt on the inside little expansion outbursts. I thoughtI saw what looked a white dove or angel. I kept tingling, and stayed on the whole time. Before finish I could feel my eyes roll up and bursts of dim light kept pulsing and I could feel my eyes quiver for about 5 min. It seemed as if I was looking at the top of my head. And there was this glow I thought was above my head too. Very powerful. Thank yo Greet...I am always amazed with your power and how I feel such love from you. Love you !!! ~ Marion ( TEXAS )
Thanks a lot Greet! That was incredible magic, like a complete healing process. I feel am floating in the water, sometime my family picture came in front of me. in the beginning was very tie. Slowly I felt like in the universe. I experience many colors, white, flame, hand, I can see myself breathing. It is just amazing feeling but it's too short. I love that attune! I think next time will be superb. I feel my finger and toe tingling, throat, brain. I mean whole body is wash...thanks a million. The best part when the music is off I feel a trans formation like a better person, very calm, like I see things different, like I only believe in goodness.  ~ Vijay ( IRELAND )

WOW!!! No I didn't fall asleep. I saw the most unbelievable golden lights and colors. It was amazing! I have been so tired, thought I would fall asleep but I didn't. It was beautiful. The colors and the gold was everywhere...and mainly that color at times like diamond and ...brilliant...OH Thank you so much. Namaste. Blessings and love Greet. XOXOXO ~ Robyn ( AUSTRALIA )

This was a wonderful experience having the Master's attunement this morning. We began at 10.30 and I had the Reiki music playing. The Reiki attunement process was as if I was passing through a long tunnel of beautiful light rainbow colors and energies, when a star of David appeared over the whole field of inner vision. I took note as it changed into a shape with all the points joined. I did not know what this meant, but discovered later that the astronomical event called Tetrahedron Merkaba Stargate was occurring and in fact is still happening. The celestial event presents opportunities for growth and makes particular effects on manifestation of our most cherished dreams. Thank you for facilitating this transition. I am most humbly grateful. ~ K. Callahan ( USA )

I started feeling pressure on the top of my head, knowing my Crown Chakra was being opened. It did not hurt and I went with it. then I felt pressure in the middle of my fore head. I noticed swirls of golden cloud like shapes moving around like molten gold. I focused on the feelings, the colors and opening up to what I was receiving. Then I could feel the back of my head  receiving pressure and tingling. The sensation moved down to my neck bone and I could feel the energy moving down the bone. After that I felt as if something was pressing on my left breast and I knew my Heart Chakra was being opened. My heart palpitated a bit and I knew it was responding to this experience. My arms felt cool, tingly and my hands fell the same. I could feel muscle twitches on my body. The swirls of gold became stronger and noticed the pattern changed like a wave subsiding from the shore, then nothing, then the various swirls started up again. I thought at one point during this process I heard my name " Marion" called out very softly. After the attunement I placed my hands in the position for the Solar Plexus. Not a minute went by and the palms of my hands started feeling warm and I felt a little tingly sensation. I was so excited...It really is working for me now, I thought!! Greet has changed my life being a vessel of God. I can't begin to tell you what she has done for me and my life. Do not hesitate to contact her for help. She is here on this earth for that reason, for all of us. My deep healings since March preparing me for this attunement was much needed to clear out some dark pain in me. I am continuing with the deep healing sessions and will also go for my second attunement when I am ready. ~ Marion ( USA )

That was a different experience. I felt a great deal of pressure. Then I could feel circles drawn on my forehead moving to my temples. A lot of pressure on my chest, arms and legs. My body felt very heavy but weightlessness at the same time. ~ Joan Torres ( USA )

Hi Greet. Well I have to say that was yet another AWESOME experience. I felt it from my head to my toes. Each chakra opening individually. At first it felt like I was sinking into each chakra, then they were pushing open wide. It felt like they were extended 8ft beyond my body. As my heart chakra was opening I had to physically tilt my head back as it felt like it was pushing on my chin. Then once all were open, it felt like I was covered in a sky like blue liquidish membrane. It really was so amazing! I have never felt so relaxed. Even after you stopped I could still feel a flowing. Thank you so much.~ Gayle Marie ( AUSTRALIA )