Adrenal Care Shakti - Support for Allergies, Fatigue and Auto - Immune Diseases #39b

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    Adrenal Care Shakti was channeled in 2011 by Mariah Windsong. 

    This system has been created to help with the reversal of Adrenal Fatigue. When we have overactive Adrenals or our Adrenals are out of synchronisation with our Spiritual Body it can cause a whole hose of Situations and Illnesses to arise within the Physical Body. Adrenal Care Shakti works to rectify this. If you have problems Sleeping or find that you suffer from daily Fatigue, Allergies, Hormonal Issues or Musculoskeletal and  Auto-immune Disease, your Adrenals could be in need of Spiritual Support. Stress can also cause problems with the Adrenal Glands so it is never a bad thing to take time out to focus on your own Health and to give yourself the Spiritual Support that the Adrenal Care Shakti can bring. Adrenal Care Shakti brings Harmonisation within the Body that helps the many bodily systems to function at their optimum potential rather than working against one another. 

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