Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer: A Western Skeptic, An Eastern Master, And Life’s Greatest Secrets

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Author: Rogers, Clint G.

Brand: Wisdom of the World Press

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 330

Release Date: 07-05-2020

Details: Product Description Discover Ancient Secrets that Can Change Your Life! Join a skeptical university researcher from the USA as he travels to the Himalayas and uncovers secrets from an ancient healing lineage that began with Lord Buddha's physician.  For thousands of years, the greatest healers in the Himalayas have been refining a potent healing science for the treatment of physical ailments, psychological disorders and spiritual challenges. The most effective natural healing methods were recorded on ancient scrolls. Now, in this breakthrough, real-life account, many of these healing secrets are revealed by the author's encounters with legendary master healer Dr. Naram.  The secrets in this book can change your life forever. For additional gifts that go along with your purchase of this book, visit Review "Dr. Clint G. Rogers has done a great seva (service) with this book. The world is in need of great help, as it is polluted not just in the way most think . . . also mental, emotional & spiritual pollution too. The ancient healing secrets in this book are a deeper solution for the world's biggest problems today. I've known and respected Dr. Naram for more than 40 years, personally met his guru master, Baba Ramdas, and know the power of this unbroken lineage ultimately coming from Jivaka (personal physician of Buddha). I've seen Dr. Naram use the ancient healing principles to help the people I've sent to him to reverse and overcome rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, severe menstrual bleeding, liver infection, lung infection, multiple sclerosis, heart blocks, cancers, infertility, fibroids, diabetes, thyroid problems, complications in pregnancy, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hair loss, ascites, urinary tract problems, tailbone fracture, severe hernias, psoriasis, autism, eczema, cervical spondylosis, and brain challenges, just to name a few. Dr. Naram has a siddhi (power) for healing given by grace of his master. The secrets of ancient healing revealed in this book are needed more than ever." --H. H. Hariprasad Swami (Head of the Yogi Divine Society) "Dr. Pankaj Naram is a world authority in ancient healing secrets. This book is inspiring, sharing how to infuse these ancient healing secrets into daily life for immense energy, health, and happiness. I am taking his herbs for diabetes and cholesterol and have had extraordinary results. Many Sadhvis in Bhakti Ashram are taking his herbal formulas and have had incredible effects and some completely cured. Whether it be diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, joint pain, back pain, asthma, or more, all are having amazing results. I thank Dr. Clint G. Rogers for this magnificent book, which every human should read." --Beloved Premben, Sadhvi Suhrad (Yogi Mahila Kendra) "I know Dr. Naram, who is an amazing being, so when I heard Dr. Clint G. Rogers had written this book about his ancient healing secrets, I got so excited. Most people don't even get 3 minutes with Dr. Naram, but through this book, anyone can be with him on a journey that drops them into his tremendous joy, peace, clarity, and deep wisdom. It's all captured brilliantly in this book as such a phenomenal gift to the world. Do yourself a favor and read this book." --Jack Canfield (Success Leader and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) "I have known Dr. Naram for over 30 years and seen his mission to spread healing grow across the world . . . propagating the relevance of ancient healing teachings in modern society. Dr. Naram has brought to the world ancient healing practices that have been lost over the generations. I am sure that you  will  find this true story, as told by university researcher Dr. Clint G. Rogers, truly fascinating and inspiring, as you discover gems of ancient wisdom that you can apply in your daily life." --A.M. Naik (Group Chairman--Larsen & Toubro, one of the most respected CEOs in India & the world) "This book, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, is like

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