Astrology for Relationships: Your Complete Compatibility Guide to Friends, Lovers, Family, and Colleagues

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Author: Register, Jake

Brand: Rockridge Press

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 264

Release Date: 12-05-2020

Details: Product Description Your answers to love, dating, and relationship questions are in the stars Looking for ways to grow closer to people in your life and understand them on a deeper level? Astrology for Relationships can show you how other people operate, what motivates them, and how to best connect. It is an inclusive, progressive approach to bonding that addresses compatibility across a spectrum of potential pairings. Look beyond the traditional sun-sign focused, traditionally perceived pairings to also explore relationship compatibility among moon and ascendant/rising signs. Well-organized and comprehensive, Astrology for Relationships explores compatibility across a range of association types, including romantic partnerships, friends and family, and colleagues. It is written in a way that anyone, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, can read and feel included. Inside Astrology for Relationships you’ll find: Beginner to advanced―Whether you are new to astrology or well versed, it’s a perfect resource for people at all stages of their quest for astrological insight. More than just sun signs―Explore more complex astrological compatibilities, including those based on moon signs and ascendant/rising signs. All-inclusive―This guide was written to include all gender identities and sexual orientations, so no one is left out. Build your understanding of relationship-based astrology with the most comprehensive and inclusive resource under the stars. Review “Astrology for Relationships is an absolute must-have for any astrology enthusiast and student, especially ones who want to use astrology to enhance their personal and professional life. Jake doesn’t hold back, so strap in because this book encourages self awareness and development through communication.” ―Six @BlackWomenCry, astrologer and human sexuality PhD candidate “Interest in astrology has boomed over the past few years, and Jake Register’s iconic social media presence is largely to thank for this explosion in interest. So many people fall in love with astrology thanks to Jake―and now they have a wonderful book to add to their collection!” ―Annabel Gat, author of The Astrology of Love & Sex “Whether you're fluent in astrology or just beginning to build a cosmic vocabulary, Jake Register's Astrology for Relationships is the perfect resource. Comprehensive, digestible, and fearlessly witty, Jake's book is guaranteed to become an instant classic.” ―Aliza Kelly, astrologer, author, and host of Stars Like Us podcast About the Author Jake Register has been studying astrology for nearly a decade. He’s known for his astrology Instagram, @jakesastrology, and his work as one of the inaugural members of Cosmopolitan’s Cosmos Council, the magazine’s official board of astrologers. He is a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising.

Languages: English