AURORA REIKI - Strengthen Your Aura

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Aurora reiki is a type of reiki used to strengthen your aura. Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your physical body to keep you safe, healthy and well. Aurora reiki will strengthen you and fill you with a glowing radiance that fills you with light providing many benefits such as good health,  happiness, peace of mind, protection and balance.

Aurora Reiki has 3 levels :

1. Elementary - cleaning your Aura

2. Madya - cleaning others aura

3. Master - Teach Aurora Reiki to your own students.


You will learn:

What is the Aura.

How to see the Aura.

How to Observe other people's auras.

How to see your own Aura.

The Meaning of Aura and its colors.

Strengthening the aura technique. 

Conducting Aurora reiki to object technique.

You will receive the Aurora Attunement to Master level.

You will receive for each course very powerful fully transmitted attunements to Master level, manuals,certificates and support.
You will receive a confirmation email. You will receive the courses within 72 hours. Atunements will be prepared for you in Chi Balls within 72 hours and you can choose time and day yourself when to receive your Attunements with the prepared Chi Balls. The Chi Balls stay valid till YOU are ready to receive your Attunement. See in Course List for info on how Chi Balls work.

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Greet is known for her very powerful FULLY transmitted Attunements to Master level! ( Distant Attunement Experiences on Navigation bar )
When your Attunnement is done right, you only need to get attuned once in your life for each Level!
WARNING! If you do not receive fully transmitted Attunements, courses will NOT work, even if you do have the manuals. Many sites sell courses with manuals but attunements are weak and neglected. When this happens you end up NOT developing your full potential, receiving nothing more than manuals and certificates.