Bone Care - Structural Alignment, Bone Healing & Increased Cellular Strength #27

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    Bone Care was channeled in 2011 by Mariah Windsong. 

    Your Bones give you the ability to stand upright but they also support your Muscles while providing a safe place to house the Organs of the Body. Bone Marrow is also contained within your Bones and this itself is the Birthing place for Blood Cells which are the Life Force of your whole body. Your Blood Cells carry the Oxygen that is needed for your body to function and for you to be alive. 


    Bone Care will teach you about the following functions: 


    Bone Karma Cleanse

    Bone Karma Cleanse is an Energy Function that brings the Eternal Divine Energies into your life to Cleanse you of any Karma that has adversely affected your Bones.


    Structural Alignment

    Structural Alignment has been designed to help align the energies of your Physical Structure to your Highest Divine Blueprint. 


    Optimal Bone Density Field

    This is a simple function that can be used to ease the pain that originates within the Hips. 


    Ideal Calcium Concentration

    A simple Intention Function that is used to help the body to absorb Calcium more effectively. 


    Bone Marrow Vitality

    Bone Marrow Vitality works to increase the effectiveness of the internal structure of the Bones. It works to make the Bone Marrow healthier as well as increasing the number of Red Blood Cells. 

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