CHAKRA Centers CHART, Rainbow: Body-Mind-Spirit Connections by Inner Light Resources, 2-Sided, 8.5 x 11 in. (Small Poster/ Large Card)

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Author: Yshkeyna Hamilla

Brand: Inner Light Resources


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Binding: Perfect Paperback

Number Of Pages: 2

Release Date: 20-11-2006

Details: Product Description 8.5 x 11 in.,2-sided,laminated. The only vivid, full Rainbow coded and thorough Chart illustrating and describing the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and other qualities associated with the 7 Chakras. The most comprehensive chart available anywhere. This Inner Light Resources Chakra chart (and Inner Light's Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Iridology, and other charts) are used by massage schools, Reiki teachers and other healers across the U.S. and other countries for teaching and healing practices. Color illustrations make it easy to understand also for novices. Includes everything from A to Z- Gemstones, Musical notes, Foods, Planets, Aromatherapy Essential oils, Kabbala correlations, and much, much, more. Also includes leading-edge Addictions information associated with all of the Chakras. Also a visualization exercise and instructions with steps to clearing and balancing the Ckakras. Additional illustrations of the body's and physical, mental, emotional, and causal electrical field layers and the higher self. Review I'm so glad to have found your Rainbow charts series! [Inner Light Resources/now from Inner Light Unlimited]. I've used them for years for myself, my clients, and when I teach at the college. I m an RN, and have used Reflexology with my patients with tremendous success for many years. I use your charts with my clients every day. The whole series is great, especially in this bigger size (vs wallet card) because they re easy to read and teach with. - I use them for ME too. I hurt my back badly, was on crutches for 7 yrs, with intensive physical therapy. My body didnt begin to heal until I started to work with reflexology and other eastern therapies. I am now healthy, working and teaching at the college. I m so glad to have your charts to help my clients. Thank you! --Joan Kramer, RN, Healthy Essentials (WI) I just got your Reflexology, Chakra, and other Rainbow charts and I love them! I think they are fabulous, colorful, and very useful --full of energy! It's great to have this bigger size (vs wallet card) because they're easy to read, since I wear eyeglasses. Thank you very much! --Ana Maria Egusquiza Zevalos. Lima, PERU The Rainbow Chakra chart by Inner Light Resources is the top-seller for us along with Inner Light's Rainbow Foot and Hand Reflexology charts. It is clear, well-organized, with large type, and easy to use. Our instructors love them to teach with. They would be very popular in any store or center especially that has educational books, charts, or gift-items. --Healing Light Books & Gifts About the Author Yshkeyna Hamilla is a holistic licensed Mental Health Therapist practicing in Florida for the past 20+ years. She specializes in Body-Mind-Spirit Connections; mental, emotional-and spiritual health and healing, A.R.T Trauma Rapid Resolution Therapy, Nutritional and Spiritual aspects of healing Addictions, Women's issues, Relationship healing, and Progression Therapy, as well as business success and life coaching.

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