Daily Rituals: Positive Affirmations to Attract Love, Happiness and Peace

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Author: Garnsworthy, Phoebe

Brand: Phoebe Garnsworthy

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 101

Release Date: 27-04-2018

Details: Product Description Would you like to attract more abundance? More love, more happiness and more peace? It is possible and available to you right now, if you believe it to be true. Positive energy in our lives vibrate at a high frequency. By radiating this frequency first, you will magnetically attract the same positive energy in return, thus amplifying and intensifying these loving vibrations in abundance. And this can be easily achieved by controlling your thoughts in the repetition of uplifting affirmations.Every morning upon rising, open your Daily Rituals book at random, or choose a word from the contents that you are drawn to. Read the positive affirmation and allow yourself time to be transparent with the truth. Follow through with the exercises beneath.Practice these rituals regularly to raise your vibration and your mind will be trained to think positive thoughts from the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep, promoting and attracting an affluence of positive energy, health, happiness, love and peace.Transform your life to create beauty and peace in the world around you.We can create positive vibrations by practicing affirmations of self-love and gratitude. Through the daily repetition of these rituals we clear old thought patterns, focus our time into the now, hence creating new pathways to form a peaceful and happy life.By spending time connecting and worshipping our internal self, we are creating an open communication channel to our Soul, the Source of Creation, and shifting our state of consciousness closer to enlightenment.Through acknowledgment and gratitude for life’s blessings, we create positive thought vibrations. If we repeat these uplifting affirmations daily, our mind will consistently reach higher frequencies of optimized vibrations.Join Phoebe Garnsworthy, Visionary and Metaphysical writer, as she shares her daily secrets to attracting and magnifying an abundance of positive energy, health, happiness, love and peace. Review "A lovely Book for Self-Care" "I liked this so much I purchased another for my sister. There's an index where you can look up an affirmation for what you need at the moment or you can use your intuition to open the book to an affirmation (my favourite way to use the book). This isn't a book of one-liners or quotes. Each affirmation has three sections: Define, Exercise and Journal. So not only do you get a positive affirmation but you also receive ways to understand it, question it within yourself and how to incorporate it into your life. In this way, you will feel the affirmation and live it rather than just read a quote that you'll later forget completely." "What's not to Love?" "Love this book have bought it twice and ended up giving both away to people who needed it. Will be buying another AGAIN for myself.: ) Love her daily affirmations on Instagram too!!"

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