DIVINE LIGHT REIKI - Eliminate Toxins from the Body

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Divine Light Reiki is based a Japanese therapy called Jōrei, or Johrei, that was developed in the early 20th century by Mokichi Okada, founder of the Church of World Messianity. It is a system of spiritual healing that aims to eliminate toxins from the body through the application of divine energy. A treatment lasts 30–45 minutes, and is conducted with the client fully clothed and seated. The therapist will ask questions about physical and mental health, and then hold their right hand over the body to channel healing energy; areas of toxic build-up are found and, with the Light, the toxins are channeled to the kidneys, which flush them out. Practitioners claim that Johrei boosts the body's immune system by eliminating toxins and encouraging the body to heal itself. The treatment is also beneficial for stress-related conditions, allergies, and chronic pain.

Johrei is given on a one-to-one basis by a qualified therapist, although workshops are available to encourage people to study the method and use it on family and friends.

II. The Principles of the System.

Divine Light Reiki utilizes various methods from different systems to achieve the most optimal effect possible. Divine Light Reiki can be used with or without symbols and it is quite versatile and powerful.

What Is Johrei? Johrei is a method which enables the focusing of universal energy or Light, directly toward the spiritual body. We refer to this action as effortlessly bringing the soul into its own. Until now, there has not been any sure method of attaining spiritual, mental and physical health. The cause of human misery, clouds on the spiritual body, was not yet discovered. Even if cause had been discovered, how to eradicate misery would have remained a problem.

We believe that the way to eliminate misery is to dispel the clouds from the spiritual body with the invisible spiritual energy, the healing Light of God. Those who have had personal experience with Johrei know how truly powerful the light is.

Theory, however wonderful or profound, is valueless in itself. Experience and result must prove the validity of Johrei.

For those who are in direct contact with the Light through giving and receiving Johrei, spiritual progress is rapid. They steadily attain an advancement which is difficult to achieve otherwise. Not only are they relieved of their own miseries, but they are endowed with the power to relieve others.

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