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Dog Empowerment aligns you with the wonderful energies of the dog. It was channeled by Elizabeth Hibel, in her manual to accompany this empowerment she writes, “If you have discovered the dog to be your totem animal, it is quite likely that you prize dependability, loyalty, and faithfulness as primary virtues in your selection of friends.

You will certainly be able to expect such strong allegiance from your dog totem, Whenever this spirit helper is near, you will feel strong emanations of love surrounding you. With the dog as your totem animal, you will also experience a strong sense of being protected and watched over, night and day.

This spirit helper will be a dependable guide in your explorations of higher consciousness, and you may rely on it always to warn you of any impeding threat from Dark Side entities. You are certain to feel its comfortable vibration near you as you enter the Silence to gain deeper wisdom teachings.”

Throughout history the dog has been a protector and guardian of humans. Often referred to as man’s best friend, the dog is a symbol of faithful service, friendship and loyalty.

Some people have the dog as their personal totem or power animal throughout their entire life, while others may call upon the energy of the dog for a particular need.

When you call upon the totem energy of the dog you are calling on a very loyal and protective companion.
The energies and lessons of the dog totem are naturally those that you would find in the characteristics of earthly dogs. These include faithfulness, loyalty, care and attention to friends, comfort and fierce protection.


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