Emotional Blueprint: A Book of Transformation, Discover Your Inner Voice and Achieve Success in all Aspects of Life: Spiritual Growth, Awakening, ... Wisdom, Transcendence, Consciousness

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Author: Baba, Lulu

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 266

Release Date: 01-01-2020

Details: INTRODUCTION This book is about our emotions and expanding the spectrum of existence. This book will take you on a journey of spiritual awakening toward spiritual growth through emotional transformation. We will talk about love, energy, light, and joy, as well as magic, transformation, the shadow, black holes, consciousness, and alternate dimensions. We will also discuss God, nature, freedom, evolution, language, frequency, music, healing, and among other things; the mystery which unites everything within a dynamic existence. This is a spiritual book of spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. There are many wisdom books on self-care, energy healing, positive energy, healing vibration, and transcendence. What makes this transcendence book unique is the way in which it engages the reader toward emotional success through discovering his or her inner voice. This is a book of joy, a transformation book. Through this book you will learn how to cultivate your inner voice and transform your life to live with meaning and purpose. You will learn about the stages in the cycle of elevation and the complementary forces which guide us to discover our unique emotional blueprint. PORTRAITS OF TIME A picture shows you what was; a mirror shows you what is; a dream reveals what could be; while relationships expand all possibilities. Do not read the pages of this book the same way you would look at a picture. Do not mimic the messages within like you would gaze into a mirror. Do not get lost in the fantasy of a dream which could be. Apply the concepts you find useful in this book to discover your potential, your inner voice. Connect to the source of your energy—the motivation behind your inner voice—so you may discover your unique emotional blueprint. The source of your energy will reveal the purpose you were born to share with the world. Your purpose is the gift that will broaden the experience of this gift we call life. A picture, a mirror, and a dream are all images, perceptions and projections of the past, present, and future. The limitation these three aspects of time share is a visage of inaction. Action is what is required, what is necessary to transform vision into reality. Don't sit around and contemplate the words of this book or the philosophy of its teachings. On our journey toward spiritual growth, spiritual awakening, and emotional success, we must maintain a joyful vibration which aligns with transcendence. Our consciousness must dream, but above all—we must Act. A consciousness book, a book of joy would encourage nothing less than the courage to act. Experience what could be by manifesting your dreams into reality. True vision creates and produces purpose. Purpose is revealed by no other means than action. What you do, what you set into motion through decisive action is what reflects purpose in your life. Life can add up to cheap thrills or valuable experiences. Our actions will dictate a life of substance or of insignificance. We create our pictures, we look into the mirror every day and we dream of something which will resonate within us as meaning, yet we will never experience this connection or cultivate a relationship with our purpose if we do not act. We mustn't hide in the safety and security of neutrality or mediocrity; we must risk it all in the face of adversity and rejection with the will to overcome any and all obstacles so our purpose and greatness may be revealed. It’s only when we merge with our meaning that we are able to accept the past, understand the present and integrate the future to form an elevated vision of purpose, a purpose which compels us into action toward a perpetual dream. A transcendent voyage: The cycle of elevation. Discover the four stages of the cycle of elevation and discover your inner voice. Accept, understand, integrate, and elevate.

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