Enegry Generator Orgone Chakra Pipe Necklace for Healing Chakra Love Booster EMF Negative Entities Protection Overcome Stress

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Brand: Crystal Agate ( Prime Day Deals 2020)


The word Orgone means life force or life energy. It is also sometimes referred to as Ch'i, Prana, Aether, Universal Energy or Vital Energy. Orgones are a mixture of resin, metals, and crystals that are hardened into various shapes. It is said to attract etheric energy similarly to Dr. Wilhelm Reich accumulators. Some people also add small quartz crystals to the mixture for their ability to make the energy more coherent or to enhance the working of orgone.

How Efficient of our Orgone Chakra Pipe Necklace-

PROTECTS FROM EMF RADIATION - Our Orgonite Neckalce Protects from your Cancer causing radiation emitter devices like cell phone, Wi-Fi routers, computer, network towers other electric devices etc.

OVERCOME CHRONIC DIFFICULTIES- Helps to overcome frustration, chronic traumas and suicidal thoughts.

➨ POSITIVE ENERGY GENERATOR - our orgone Pendant absorbs all negative unbalanced energy and transform it into positive balanced energy, sending it back out into the environment. Also helps other living to grow healthy.

LOVE BOOSTER- Red Crystal Onyx is a stone of love and heals cardiac issues and diseases by reducing negative emotions, promoting empathy, reconciliation, and unconditional love.

CHAKRA BALANCING- Blocked energy in our seven Chakras is very common and can lead to illness. Wearing this ORGONE CHAKRA NECKLACE will help to balance, cleanse and align your chakras.

➨NEGATIVE ENTITIES PROTECTION-Pipe Necklace has powerful crystal with orgone energy that protects from your surrounding negative entities.

STRESS REDUCE- Orgonite Necklace reduces stress, fear, anger, resentment and other negative emotions.

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches