Everyday Meditations (2019 Edition)

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Author: Newman, John Henry, St.

Edition: Reissue

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 166

Release Date: 20-11-2019

Details: Product Description Over the years, the brilliant and often voluminous scholarly writings of St. John Henry Newman (1801-1890), have drawn into the Church thousands more converts after him. In this more modest work, his Everyday Meditations, we encounter not Newman the intellectual but Newman the simple Christian, on his knees face-to-face with God, confident that the Church teaches us rightly but knowing as well that each of us must walk closely with God hearing His voice not only through the Church but in the depths of our own hearts.This was Newman's greatest desire. It awakened in him ceaseless prayer, countless good works, a profound love of the sacraments, and the habit of daily meditation which strengthened his will, deepened his understanding, and enkindled in him an ever greater love of God. For those qualities, Pope Francis recently declared Newman a saint.The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that ongoing growth in sanctity is "an uninterrupted task for the whole Church." If in recent times yours has been interrupted (or merely slowed down), let it begin anew with this modest book.To help you discern God's voice daily, rest in it, and respond to it according to each day's opportunities and needs, we have here gathered fifty of Newman's most moving Christian meditations, each guaranteed to enkindle in your soul the very same kind of love they enkindled in his. As they nurtured Newman's daily acts of conversion and finally made him worthy of the title "Saint," so will they call you to daily acts of conversion and finally lead you, as they led Newman, "to bow down in awe before the depths of God's love." About the Author St. John Henry Newman was born in London on 21 February 1801. His family were members of the Church of England but without any strong religious commitment.In 1817, when he was sixteen, he entered Trinity College, Oxford as an undergraduate. Five years later he was elected to a Fellowship at Oriel College. He was ordained as an Anglican clergyman.When studying the history of the early Church Fathers, Newman was perturbed to discover that the doctrinal position of the Anglican Church in his own day bore a close resemblance to some of the heretical currents that had emerged in the theological controversies of the early centuries.He withdrew from Oxford in order to think and pray. For three years he lived a quasi-monastic life, praying for guidance. By 1845 his mind was clear, and on 9 October that year he was received into the Roman Catholic Church by Father (now Blessed) Dominic Barberi.During his old age he continued quietly in the Birmingham Oratory which he had founded, devoting his time to preaching, writing, and spiritual direction. In 1879, when Fr. Newman was seventy eight, Pope Leo XIII made him a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, as a tribute to his outstanding erudition and piety.He died in the Birmingham Oratory of pneumonia on 11 August 1890. In 1991 John Henry Newman was proclaimed "Venerable," and on 19 September 2010 Pope Benedict XVI beatified him at Cofton Park in Birmingham. Pope Francis canonized him on 13 October, 2019.

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