FDA cleared|Aphrona LED Facial Skin Care Mask Light Treatment LED Mask

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Brand: Aphrona

Color: Off White


  • ACHIEVE GLOWING SKIN free of blemishes and discoloration with light therapy from the Aphrona LED Mask for face care. Penetrating deeply to the cellular level, our light-emitting diodes stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation and promote micro-circulation to minimize dark spots, treat acne and reduce wrinkles.
  • 150 NARROW-SPECTRUM CHIPS disperse red, blue and green light across the entire face. With the colors represented uniformly across the face, pores will be reduced and hyperpigmentation resolved for a clean and even complexion. Our 99% purity LED chips also reduces light wastage and provides quick, concentrated results.
  • FDA-CLEARED and the only class II 510(k) approved LED face mask (not only FDA registered, but FDA 510k medical grade approved) on Amazon for acne treatment and other skin conditions, the Aphrona Light Up Mask is more powerful than competitors’ facial masks that use wide-spectrum LED lights. Its medical-grade construction is safe and effective on even the most sensitive skin.
  • PEARL POWDER COATED on the outside, the Aphrona LED Facial Mask for skin care is scratch-resistant and wipes clean after use with just mild soft cloth. Feel free to use your favorite lotions, moisturizers and face serums with our mask to accelerate the resolution of break-outs, wrinkles and age spots.
  • INCLUDES PROTECTIVE GOGGLES to safeguard your vision. Relax and revitalize your complexion in the comfort and privacy of your home. Simply apply the mask over your cleansed face and enjoy the anti-aging skin care benefits of light therapy. An auto shut-off function lets you know when treatment is done. 60-days money back guarantee.

Details: The brightest idea in face care Research shows that light therapy can resolve an array of skin concerns from acne outbreaks and wrinkles to sagginess and hyperpigmentation. The Aphrona LED Skin Care Face Mask puts the power of narrow-spectrum light at your fingertips, allowing you to stimulate tissue repair and cellular renewal right at home without pricy salon visits or invasive procedures. Outfitted with 150 LED chips from top to bottom and side to side, this innovative acne face mask lets you regulate sebum production, stimulate collage and calm inflamed skin. More powerful than any other LED face mask Unlike our competitors who use wide-spectrum LED lights, the Aphrona LED Face Mask for skincare uses narrow-spectrum LEDs to disperse focused, concentrated therapy light. This ensures deeper cellular penetration and faster revitalization of your complexion. Its medical-grade construction has resulted in the only FDA-cleared LED face mask with Class II 510(k) approval that is currently on Amazon. With 99% pure LED chips that are 100% UV-free and no chemicals to irritate skin, it is safe for use on all skin types. Amplify your face care products By using our LED mask with your favorite lotion or serum, you can speed their ingredients deeper into the skin for faster, more effective healing and rejuvenation. A pearl powder coating on the mask makes post-treatment clean-up a breeze. Lightweight and travel-friendly, the Aphrona LED Mask lets you maintain your flawless appearance at home and on-the-go. For a clearer, more radiant complexion you can beam about, add the Aphrona LED Face Mask for skin care to your beauty products today.

Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 8.8 x 5.2 inches