Galactikonsciousness Amethyst Stone Quartz Silver Plated Earrings Healing Protection Chakra Reiki Home Yoga Handmade Charm Gift Mother Natural Meditation Couple

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Brand: Galactikonsciousness

Color: Purple


  • Gemstone: Amethyst Stone
  • Pointed Crystal Shape Earrings
  • Amethyst is a stone that has been known to help with meditation. The stone brings emotional, physical and psychological harmony. Used for many centuries, amethyst has also been used to bring success and prosperity.
  • Every Item you buy is being energetically charged inside my 6 feet pyramid and handle with love and the best intentions for you.
  • ♥ Mystery Gift Included with order. ♥ High Quality Stone. ♥ Energetically Charge. ♥ Owning great energy