GOLD REIKI - Transmutes Fear Into Light #87

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Prerequisite: Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3

Gold Reiki is a powerful healing modality developed by Ole Gabrielsen.  This form of energy work utilizes the Gold Ray, considered to be the strongest light of transformation in the Universe.  It transmutes darkness into light and fear or sadness into joy.

The Gold Ray has several qualities that can be used in order to focus healing energies on a person.  The first attribute relates to purification.  Because this is a very pure form of energy it can move into a person and raise their vibration to bring healing.  The second attribute is that it can transform darkness and fear.  It can move these with its energy source into forms of light and happiness inside a person.  It can help with phobias, depression and many other issues as well.

Gold Reiki is known for its purifying powers.  It aligns your first and second chakras, where you have memories and injuries stored over the years.  Ascended Master Kuthumi strengthens the gold light within you and all of your chakras, allowing you to heal.  It removes blockages to further strengthen, refine and expand your consciousness.  The golden light in you increases and fills your whole aura.  The soft energy of Gold Reiki can dissolve all fear and blockages.

In gold Reiki you are attuned to the precious metal Gold and its metaphysical properties.  The power of Gold is a very intense and earthy strong energy.  The manual is very short and to the point.  This powerful system uses no symbols.

There are three attunements to Gold Reiki.


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