Hair Growth Cap 94pcs Lamp Beads Household Hair Loss Treatment Instrument Oil Control Therapy Cap for Seborrheic Alopecia Hereditary Alopecia(Black)

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Brand: ZJchao

Color: Black


  • 【Ideal hair growth】 Releases the optimal wavelength of light to facilitate protein synthesis. Hair follicles absorb enough light to widen capillaries and promote hair growth.
  • 【Easy to operate】 Durable, light, comfortable, hands-free, easy to use. Hair growth cap only needs to be worn on the head, can be used anytime and anywhere, with a wide range of coverage.
  • 【Hair care without side effects】 After receiving special care, the hair follicles can return to normal health. Use for a long time will have a noticeable effect. Painless, noninvasive, no side effects, easy to operate.
  • 【Effective prevention of hair loss】 Made of high-quality materials, durable, environmentally friendly. This is one of the best options for more intense light care to ensure that you get faster results and that your scalp needs to slow down or even completely prevent hair loss.
  • 【Widely used】Both men and women can quickly grow thicker, healthier hair using the hair cap restoration technique. You can use it alone or in combination with other hair loss treatments.

Details: Feature:1. Can regulate oil secretion, nourish hair follicles, care scalp, create a good hair growth environment. 2. Strong penetration, penetrate subcutaneous fat to wake up the hair follicles, and reproduce the richness and toughness of the hair. 3. Intelligent timing function, 15mins, 30mins and 45mins are available for choose. 4. Enhance and improve hair follicle blood circulation and metabolism, promote hair growth. 5. Brightness and energy are adjustable, you can adjust it according to need. 6. The machine emits a lot of heat during use, which can reach a temperature of 30-45°C, good hot compress therapy effect. Specification: Condition: 100% Brand NewItem Type: Hair Growth InstrumentColor: BlackLamp Bead Quantity: 94pcs Package List:1 x Cap1 x Lamp Bead Pad(94pcs Lamp Beads)1 x English Manual

Package Dimensions: 11.6 x 11.0 x 2.4 inches