HASKARE Natural Energy Stone Pendant Engraved Black Obsidian Healing Necklace Adjustable Size 27.5inch

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Color: Black


  • FINE PROCESSING: Impressive natural stone obsidian pendant necklace come with green or purple or grey sheen insided under strong light, besides, this healing stone pendants are made with good craftmanship of engraved technology double brave troops and Coin on the middle of them stand for good luck and prosperous business
  • METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Grounding Natural Obsidian Pendant Healing Stone Necklace balance your chakra, boost your creactivity, enhanced observation, avoid evil thing
  • DURABLE CRAFTMANSHIP: Special high-grade Multi-strand rope braided necklace and smart adjustable knot for free size need from 0" to 27.5", Black Obsidian Pendant Size 1.30"
  • OCASSION: Match your suit, casual clothes, sport clothes, work perfect with your value watch or leather bracelet or another healing stones bracelets
  • PERFECT GIFT: Gorgeous gift box wrapped, best wishes gift for you and your families or friends in Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, Anniversary or Graduation and so on

Binding: Jewelry


1. UNIQUE DESIGN with Durable Traditional craftsmanship make you outstanding, classy rope make your more attractive

2. NATURAL STONE PENDANT: Black Obsidian healing pendants are natural and genuine texture Rainbow sheen make you more close to "GREAT NATURE"

3. THE FIRST CHOICE AS A GIFT: Come with Jewelry Box, a perfect gift for your love one and your friends with best wish

Metaphysical Properties:

OBSIDIAN GEMS - It is naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extursive igneous rock
It is one of the crystalline and it is a national gem of Mexico and original place locate in America
Obsidian Pendant help to balance your chakra bottom wheel, can effectively elimiate negative energy and boost new energy


PURIFY SOLUTION 1: Flowing Water Purification - Rinse for 15-20 minutes directly under clean flowing water tap
PURIFY SOLUTION 2: Refrigerator Purification - Wrap the stones with clean velvet bag or Jewelry box and put in refrigerator about 15-20minutes, (noted: Refrigerator Temperature - non-frozen layer, be careful not to take long time)

PURIFY SOLUTION 3: Aromatherapy Purification - Light the sandalwood or agar wood indoors, and wrap the stones in clean velvet bag or jewelry box and stay it along in the room about 1-2hours

PURIFY SOLUTION 4: Sunshine or Moon Purification - Stones can be degaussed in the hot sun for a while or be placed under the moonlight to absorb the essence and reach the purification effect

MAINTENANCE: Away from the chemicals avoiding corruption of stones and take it off before sleeping and store it in jewelry box or velvet bag when don't want to wear

Package Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches