How to Read Tarot: A Modern Guide

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Author: Wiggan, Jessica

Brand: Althea Press

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 210

Release Date: 27-08-2019

Details: Product Description Your guide to modern tarot―it’s in the cards. How to Read Tarot is an essential and straightforward guide for anyone interested in mastering the art of tarot reading. Find all the answers here that you can’t in other tarot books―then find the answers in the cards. Does the Empress mean good things for someone’s career? How should you use the Three-Card reading? Get the most modern interpretations out of any tarot books, along with easy-to-reference guides that make it simple for new and experienced readers alike to jump straight into the most important part of tarot―reading cards. Go beyond other tarot books with: A fast start―Get helpful beginner suggestions that other tarot books lack, including how to ground yourself before a reading, tips for interpreting on the fly, and more. Cards at a glance―Learn the meanings of every card―as well as their reversed meanings―with fully detailed descriptions and a handy quick-reference chart that beats other tarot books for convenience. Readings made simple―Start with the One-Card Draw, then move onto other spreads―your keys to understanding what the cards are saying―like the Celtic Cross and Wheel of Fortune. Discover the most comprehensive and up-to-date beginner’s guide for new readers. Who needs any other tarot books when you have How to Read Tarot? Review "Jessica Wiggan is generous with her wisdom and encouraging with her power. Her words bring forward the personality of each tarot card, making the deck easy to get to know and affirming to use. How to Read Tarot is a trustworthy and joyful companion for new and seasoned readers alike!"―Meg Hayertz, founder of Creative Momentum and author of Tarot for Beginners "This book is an easy to read guide to begin, or continue, your tarot journey. Written in a conversational and relatable tone, the author offers in depth knowledge that is both easy to understand and easily applicable to your personal tarot reading style."―Corey "Chuck" Charles, Founder of Oleander Contemporary Art and Part Owner of Red Truck Gallery "This is much more than your basic tarot book because Jessica has captured what tarot can look like as a lifestyle and fulfilling personal spiritual practice. She introduces you to the cards and their many mysteries, answers all your questions about beginning, and truly becomes your supportive guide through this book. I highly recommend this for anyone, beginner or expert."―Valeria Ruelas of @themexicanwitch About the Author JESSICA WIGGAN is a professional astrologer and tarot reader with over 20 years of experience. She’s best known for her insightful and powerful readings. Learn more about Jessica on her website (, Instagram (@BehatiLife), YouTube, Facebook, and in-person at her New Orleans shop.

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