I am a Rainbow: A Children's Guide to the Chakras

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Author: Smid, Miss Sarah

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 51

Release Date: 01-02-2019

Details: Product Description Have you ever noticed that children have a unique connection to the divine? Want to explore the connection to spirituality with your children or students? Learn the ancient wisdom of the chakra system and its role in the body. What happens when your chakras are imbalanced? Give children tools to recognize their imbalances and mindful practices to heal themselves. So that they learn to heal themselves. A useful resource on energy healing for children for parents, teachers and yogis! Review Holistic Witch Visionary  5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely terrific!!!! February 28, 2019 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase Amazing for little ones whom are interested in self care! My daughter is absolutely in love with this book and excited to learn with momm! From the Author Have you ever had a day where you just had this brilliant idea and it all just came together? That is what happened with this book!I was having a terrible week. The window on my car got smashed by a rock as I was driving down the highway, it completely shattered. Not only that but, I also hit my friends husbands parked car when I went over to babysit her child for her the day after I got the window fixed. It was a rough few days. Being a very spiritual person I knew something was off with my energy and I needed to clear it. I invited Sarah over for dinner to discuss what was going on with me and to help me clear my aura and house. As she was clearing my house I was laying on my couch and had this flash of insight into this book. I sat up and told her we were going to write a book and it was going to be called "I am a Rainbow! A Children's guide to the Chakras." We both are reiki healers and teachers so it really seemed to fit our personalities. She told me maybe eventually but she was super busy with school start up.  The crazy thing about this book is that it was written in one evening. I started writing the story handed it to Sarah to read then I started making dinner. By the time I was finished making dinner the entire book was done! I couldn't believe it. I am still in awe at how this book came to be. It took another 6 months for me to do the illustrations and final edits like all projects it started with an idea and the willingness of both of us to follow it through to the end. From the Inside Flap To all of the little lights! Shine brightly my dears and Ella of course! About the Author As an educator of young children for over 12 years, Amanda's passion is education and creativity. She believes that everyone has creative capacities. Her mission is to empower children through their unique creative gifts. Helping children believe in themselves through connection, is the aim of her books. Amanda began writing Children's Books to enhance the written curriculum and the unwritten curriculum in elementary school. Through years of experience she noticed that children need support in expressing themselves and in mindful ways.  A yoga and mindfulness enthusiast, she uses her knowledge of yoga and mindful practices to guide her stories and get kids up and moving while or to connect to themselves on a deeper level. Teaching is not just about guiding the students but also about learning along with them. Amanda believes in lifelong learning and is continuously taking courses in different areas of interest. Believe, Create, Inspire! She is a woman who wears many hats with a B.A in Political Science, B.Ed in elementary education, M.Ed specializing in creativity and technology, Reiki master, yoga for young children instructor, artist, mom, author, illustrator and teacher. She also runs a small arts based business teaching art workshops. Follow her on Instagram @artmindfulnessandcreativityFacebook Art Mindfulness and Creativity  Website artmindfulnessandcreativity.com Sarah has been studying energy work since 2009. She practices Reiki and crystal healing. She is an elementary school teacher who's passion i

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