JIC Gem 2 Lb Black Tourmaline Collection in Box of 7x5x2, 10-15 pcs Healing Crystals

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Brand: JIC Gem

Color: Black Tourmaline


  • You will receive a box of 2 LB (1kg) Brazilian Black Tourmaline, from 10-15 pcs.Each stone is similar but different due to natural products.
  • Tourmaline crystal has its powerful healing energy, and the natural anion released by tourmaline can relax the human body, relieve tension and relieve stress, and have a good effect on sleep and neurasthenia.The indicolite variety is used by crystal healers to encourage warding off evil.
  • When using tumbled stones and crystals in your environment, the easiest thing is to pick some stones that you feel drawn to and place them around your home and work area.It prevents radiation from mobile phones and computers, electromagnetic radiation, and all kinds of negative energy
  • Excellent energy stone, positivity stone,healing crystals,accelerate the body blood circulation, open the pores, open up the body environment, completely discharged from the body of dirt;great for making cabochons, tumbling, or whatever other clever purpose you may have.
  • Tourmaline has piezoelectric effect and thermoelectricity. In the case of tourmaline being heated by friction or sunlight, tourmaline generates a circle of magnetic field and attracts dust or debris around it.

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Black tourmaline is dark to pure black, is opaque tourmaline. Usually a kind of iron-rich or titanium-rich variants, is also the most common of a variety of tourmaline, often produced in the granite contact zone, and by the role of gasifier in the crystalline schist, gneiss and phyllite.

Tourmaline is a shamanic stone, providing protection during ritual work. It can be used for scrying, and was traditionally used to point out a cause of trouble or an offender, and to indicate a good direction in which to move.They protect one's energy field against attachments, entities and energetic debris, and rid one of existing negative thoughts, anxieties, anger and ideas of unworthiness .Can increase the body's basal metabolism, lower blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, increased exercise endurance; improve the acidic body.

If there is any issue with the product you receive, please contact us first,JIC Gem will be more than happy to come to a resolution best suited for you. Enjoy!

Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.2 x 2.3 inches