JOVIVI Natural Black Obsidian Crystal Necklace 12 Facted Therapy Healing Dowsing Divination Pendulum Pendant Reiki Charged Chakra Balancing

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Brand: Jovivi

Color: Black Obsidian


  • Material: Natural Black Obsidian. Pendulum Size: about 3.07-3.15 inches (78-80mm) Tall,0.6-0.63 inches (15-16mm) at widest, Chain Length: 8 inches
  • Obsidian can give us insights into what would be necessary to make change. It impels us to grow while still lending support and shields you from affecting by malignant energies, and also helps you keep your thoughts positive.
  • The pendulums are great for metaphysical,spiritual protection,chakra balancing,divine gift, pagan blessings,energy work,reiki,meditation,manifestation,concentration,art,chakra alignment,energy charged,protection,fengshui,pocket decor,bookend,amulet,psychic development, psychic healing enhancement, aura cleansing, inner journeying and to release tension.
  • Benefits from using our crystal pendulum: Block negative mind control transmissions Cleanse area of negative occult energies Place near cell towers or power lines to neutralize Create an optimal atmosphere Cleanse the energy of a large area Attract positive energy to a property
  • BEST CHOICE FOR PROFESSIONALS: Great tools to answer "yes"or "no".Available for reiki,healing,meditation,chakra balancing,energy charged,tarot,fortune telling,dowsing divination,witchcraft ritual or home decoration.

Binding: Jewelry

Details: ☸☸ What's Pendulum? ➽.Pendulum is a magical tool that can detect subtle energy fluctuations. Whether it is sound, light, electricity, heat, magnetic field, or even unknown energy, you can use the pendulum to get the induction. ➽.The pendulum is a very simple tool that allows users to adjust their intuitive power. ➽.It acts as a receiver & transmitter for information and moves in response to problems in different ways.You could get the "yes" or "no" answer. ➽.Available for reiki,healing,meditation,chakra balancing,energy charged,fortune telling,dowsing divination,witchcraft ritual or home decoration. ✡✡ Magic of Obsidian: ❄.Obsidian is a kind of crystal stone with the strongest absorptivity among all crystals. It can quickly suck the adjacent impurity or negative energy into its inner invisible space. ❄.Do great help for insomnia and dreaming. Its magnetic field energy is calm and quiet, continuous, which helps to enhance health. ❄.It helps to eliminate fatigue, pressure, headache, absorb and eliminate the body's sickness and quickly restore physical strength,enhance physical vitality and endurance. ☸☸ What's inside the Package: ➽1pc Crystal Pendulum ➽1pc Gift Box ➽1pc JOVIVI Velvet Pouch ☸☸ Some Tips: ➽.Natural crystal,each is unique,some may have cotton fiber or ice crack, both are normal.If minds, please consider carefully before buying!!! ➽.All chains are handmade,the beads at the lower end of the chain may be skewed when taken out, slightly straighten it. ➽.Replace a chain,soon it will turn out to be exquisite necklace. ➽.If not use, please put the pendulum in the jewelry box or pouch to avoid any scratching or damage.

Package Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches