Laser and Acupuncture Therapy Machine Medicomat-2 Pain Relief Electronics Machine

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Brand: Medicomat


  • ⭐ pain relief, Knee arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Athletic system injuries, Soft tissue injuries, Diminish inflammations, Wounds & Ulcers, Osteoarthritis, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation therapy Joint & soft tissue injuries, Neck & Back, arthritis, Strains & sprains, Frozen shoulder, Tennis/Golfer Elbow Sciatica, Knee/ foot pain, Achilles Tendonitis
  • ⭐ The power and full coherence of Good Energies LLLT--808nm&650nm enable the effective penetration of the laser beam deep into the tissues, levels which were only available in expensive, full-sized machines until now
  • ⭐ A perfect combination of the most effective therapy with the ability to provide immediate and continuous treatments, thus enabling high quality and fast recovery in shorter individual treatments, and in shorter periods
  • ⭐ Total healing time is dramatically lower than that of any other portable soft lasr device avaliable
  • ⭐ Before shipment, the packing picture of product will be sent for checking, and it will be inspected by our Q.C team, to ensure each one are all perfect. If you meet any question, please contact us or email, we will fix your issue within 24 hours

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: During the past few years the use of soft lasers has been adopted by acupuncture healers as an additional tool to the traditional treatment with needles. While needle acupuncture requires locating precise points, laser acupuncture is precise without effort. The laser beam naturally covers a larger area and thus always acts on the right spot. Unlike needles, the soft laser beam is non-invasive, does not cause pain. We are proud to present you with cutting edge technology in soft laser therapy: clinical soft laser power - in a light, portable, rechargeable and user friendly laser device, for the rapid, noninvasive and efficient treatment of pain, wounds, burns, sports injuries, inflammation. It is the first portable soft laser device in the world with the healing power equal to that of a full-sized, stationary, expensive soft-laser machines used only in hospitals and prestigious care facilities. Thanks to an exclusive, patent-pending development, we have created an exceptional combination: keeping the power and full coherence of a clinical soft-laser device , with miniaturizing the technology into a portable,and easy-to-use device - all at a reasonable price. Indications: Pain relief, knee arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, athletic system injuries, soft tissue injuries, diminish inflammations, wounds & ulcers, osteoarthritis, acupuncture, rehabilitation therapy joint & soft tissue injuries, neck & back, arthritis, strains & sprains, frozen shoulder, tennis/golfer elbow sciatica, knee/ foot pain, achilles tendonitis.