Life Force Generator - Divine Inspiration, Dream Recall & Psychic Insight #24

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    Life Force Regenerator was channeled in 2012 by Ananda Jyothsana. 

    The Life Force Regenerator is a unique modality of Healing that has been designed to support a feeling of belonging in one's own skin. For many of us, we often feel as though we dont belong or that the way we look on the exterior isnt what society accepts but now it is time for this Negative Energy to be removed once and for all. To spend all of our time worrying about what others think about us will quite often cause Burnout and Fatigue. The Life Force Regenerator is here to help. When activated it helps to remove Illness and Injury. This can be Physical Injury as well as Mental and Emotional Injury. The Energies will also help to regenerate pure Divine Life Force back into the Body, Energising, Rejuvenating and Balancing the Physical and Spiritual Body. This beautiful system also helps us to receive Divine Inspiration, Dream Interpretations, Psychic Insights and Emotional Support as we move from a state of Fear, Worry and Anxiety into one of Love and Divine Guidance. 

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