Lung Care - Simple & Effective Healing for Lung Conditions #41

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  • Prerequisite: Usui Reiki 2nd Degree

    Lung Care was channeled in 2010 by Mariah Windsong. 

    Lung Care has been designed to consist of 2 levels that help you to work on Healing a multitude of Lung Disorders. As with all Attunements, this is not a replacement for traditional medical treatment and should only be used alongside conventional medicine.

    Lung Care Level 1 is a Synergy based Energy of Elecampane Essence, Mullein Essence and Optimal Blood Oxygen Concentration. Using these functions will result in a Smooth, Expanding and Supporting Energy for your Lungs and Blood. 

    Lung Care Level 2 brings to you the Spiritual Deva Essence of the Bloodroot Deva Empowerment and authorises you to pass the Lung Care Attunements to others. The Bloodroot Deva has more of a Personality than the other Etheric Plant Connections and is to be spoken to as a real Sentient Being. 

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