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( you must be a traditional Usui Reiki Master before you can proceed to these courses)

Instead of you suffering in silence, you are taught how to progress and be in control, doesn't matter your circumstances. You will find this system to very benefit in so many different ways.It is a wonderful system to improve the quality of your life; you are taught ways of the Shaman. In level 1, the Initiate Level, you learn the basics of what it means to practice shamanism daily, The attunment to level 1 connects you to the energies of our loving Mother Earth and to the energies of the universal consciousness which helps you to grow and learn how to expand your horizons. You will also learn how to travel on a spirit journey, through looking within to discover who you truly are, and what your path may be, rites of passage, and Magickal names.
In level 2 the intermediate level, your connection to our great Mother Earth is strengthened. You are offered a shield of protection and are empowered. You are given instrustions how to remove unwanted attachments from yourself and how to remove disturbing energies and be protected. There is an increase of energies from the universal consciousness .which helps you with identifying and clearing away any negativity and unwanted energies from your whole being. This will bring a deep healing and a sense of peace within. You will also learn about attachments, soul retrieval, and reclaiming your power.

Level 3 is the Master Level , this level not only allows you to pass the shamanic light worker program attunments on to others, but will also continue to strengthen your bond with Mother Earth and with the universal energies (The great spirit). This attunement will also help you in the opening of your third eye, which is the 6 chakra, and crown chakra, which is the 7 chakra, so that any psychic abilities that you may have will be enhanced through your connecting to your higher and psychic self. There is also a strengthening of the 2 chakra – The Sacral Chakra, which is the seat of all physical instincts. You will also learn about meditation, healing, herbs and the herbal kingdom, stones, visions, imprinting, enhancing intuition and your instincts, Nature magic, living in harmony.

You will receive the following: 1. The manual, 2. The attunement, 3. A certificate, 4. Guidance and support

You will receive a confirmation email. You will receive the courses within 72 hours. Atunements will be prepared for you in Chi Balls within 72 hours and you can choose time and day yourself when to receive your Attunements with the prepared Chi Balls. The Chi Balls stay valid till YOU are ready to receive your Attunement. See in Course List for info on how Chi Balls work.

Greet is known for her very powerful FULLY transmitted Attunements to Master level! ( Distant Attunement Experiences on Navigation bar )
When your Attunnement is done right, you only need to get attuned once in your life for each Level!
WARNING! If you do not receive fully transmitted Attunements, courses will NOT work, even if you do have the manuals. Many sites sell courses with manuals but attunements are weak and neglected. When this happens you end up NOT developing your full potential, receiving nothing more than manuals and certificates.