Medicinal Essential Oils: The Science and Practice of Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy

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Author: Johnson, Dr Scott a

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 1164

Release Date: 12-08-2017

Details: Product Description This highly regarded, evidence-based reference sets the standard for the clinical use of essential oils. Unmatched in scientific evidence, this book provides the most comprehensive and accurate guidance to enjoy the multiple benefits of essential oils. Written by one of the world's leading experts in the clinical use of essential oils, Dr. Scott A. Johnson, Medicinal Essential Oils represents the next generation in the evolving field of essential oils. Featuring practical, proven, and easy to follow guidance, this ultimate reference provides everything needed to empower clinicians and individuals to use essential oils safely and effectively. This clinical reference provides vital information, supported by more than 5,000 references, to keep you on the cutting-edge of integrative medicine. - Chapter 1 lays the foundation for clinical use and provides keys to safe and effective dosage administration. - Chapter 2 contains comprehensive profiles for more than 240 essential oils, including their preferred composition for clinical use, therapeutic properties, cautions and drug interactions, and published research succinctly summarized. - Chapter 3 introduces you to effective protocols and recipes to manage more than 450 health conditions, providing precise dosing and administration. - Chapter 4 focuses on the clinical use of essential oils for infants and children, outlining reasonable safety measures, preferred essential oils and carrier oils, and age-based protocols for the management of over 100 conditions commonly afflicting children. - Chapter 5 provides an evidence-based resource to use essential oils safely and effectively during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, including over 70 user-friendly protocols to make these special times more enjoyable. - Chapter 6 explores essential oils and cancer, explaining cancer in simple terms and providing strategies to use essential oils as an integrative cancer therapy or alternative option with the support of your physician. - Eight useful appendices provide further information regarding essential oils sorted according to constituent percentages, homeopathic remedies profiles, essential oils sorted by therapeutic properties, a usage quick reference guide, common abbreviations, definitions, and conversion charts, a cautions and drug interactions quick reference, and possible essential oil adulterations. Review "As a naturopathic physician . . . my colleagues and I have mentioned how it is hard to come by a comprehensive medicinal essential oils reference book. [Medicinal Essential Oils] is a great reference to add to my practice! I highly recommend any holistic practitioner have this book in their practice as essential oils are a great botanical therapy to utilize!!" Dr. Carmel Ferreira, NMD, Lac "Despite a historic contribution to the essential oil industry, Dr. Johnson's latest contribution is hands down the most comprehensive book on essential oils. Using scientific evidence, this book will be a desk reference for physicians, the essential oil enthusiast, and novice. Not only will one gain an understanding of the scientific evidence of application of essential oils, but also a renewed conviction in their efficacy and the role they will play in future health and wellness." Dr. Joshua J. Plant, PhD, NIH Fellow "Unlike any other book we have read to date on essential oils. By far the most complete and current resource on the topic of essential oils. Medicinal Essential Oils will greatly broaden our knowledge base of essential oils. A must read for any professional health practitioner that recommends essential oils. Anyone can benefit from having this book as a resource." Dr. Holly A. Matteo, DC and Dr. Sean C. Matteo, DC "An incredibly comprehensive resource on essential oils . . . an oiler truly needs no other resource. Every single evidence-based protocol set forth by Dr. Scott Johnson that I have ever used has worked like a charm." Carol Brinkman, RN, CNP Fami

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