Meridian Massage: Opening Pathways to Vitality

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Author: Black, Cindy

Brand: Black & Butje, INC

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 290

Release Date: 29-01-2016

Details: Product Description The meridian pathways of the human body were mapped out by gifted healers in China thousands of years ago. Working with the invisible energy (Qi) that flows through these pathways, they were able to heal illness. Perhaps more importantly, they were able to support vitality in ways that prevent illness and encourage wellness. Vitality is an expression of energy. Meridian Massage is a hands-on modern application of this ancient wisdom to balance mind, body, and spirit for health and happiness. Knowing how to work directly with energy opens a powerful dimension for massage therapists and bodyworkers to access through their work. An organized and practical integration of modern energy work and ancient Chinese medicine, Meridian Massage can complement any form of hands-on healing. Review Through her book Meridian Massage, Cindy Black lays out the principles and practice of an innovative yet deep-rooted approach to therapeutic bodywork. It is the product of her long experience as a massage practitioner, her capacity for clear and thorough instruction, her profound grasp of traditional Chinese medicine, and above all her intuitive ability to synthesize from these attributes a potent tool of transformative healing touch. The book provides a detailed and elegantly illustrated guide to that therapeutic tool - one that is grounded, the author writes, "in combining detailed anatomical understanding of the meridians and acupoint locations with the sensitivity of the practitioner." Indeed, the effectiveness and brilliance of this simple, subtle system of bodywork relies, in no small measure, on the energetic receptivity and understanding that Cindy Black so expertly applies and conveys. Bodywork practitioners and enthusiasts alike will find that Meridian Massage both informs and transforms, instructs and inspires. - Gabriel Mojay LicAc, CertEd, FIFPA Principal of the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, London Author of Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit and co-author of Shiatsu - The Complete Guide Cindy Black has accomplished the impressive task of distilling the fundamentals from the vast system of traditional Chinese medicine, and creating a clearly descriptive and beautifully illustrated book. Due to her experience as a Licensed Acupuncturist, she is adept at explaining this ancient system and its practical uses for all hands-on therapists. As a professional bodyworker and instructor, I consider this book a valuable asset for myself, my students, and my clients. It serves as an accessible entryway to understanding our energetic anatomy and its significant relationship to our health. In the classroom, Cindy displays an unusual talent of clear presentation combined with sharp wit and humor, which consistently makes learning a pleasure by bringing her material alive. That she has also accomplished this task with her book is another testament to her expertise. Her book is perfect for massage therapists and other hands-on healers. I would also highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the ancient art of Chinese medicine and their own remarkable, potent energy for healing. - Bernadette Fiocca, LMT (Private Practice since 1984) Shiatsu and Energy Palpation Instructor at Finger Lakes School of Massage, Ithaca, NY. Great bodyworkers find the midpoint between their clients' energy and their own, and work from that space. They are able to strip away who they think they are, what they feel they need to do, and whom they think the person on their table is, in order to be guided from that harmonious place. Meridian Massage: Opening Pathways to Vitality is not just a valuable instruction manual, resource, or reference book. Rather, unlike other books of its nature, it also affords guidance to the practitioner about how to access the Qi of the meridians. She encourages us to do the necessary inner work to cultivate our own Qi, in order to tap into the spirit of the points without the

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