Mindfulness and Hypnosis: The Power of Suggestion to Transform Experience

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Author: Yapko, Michael D.

Brand: W. W. Norton & Company

Edition: 1st

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 256

Release Date: 26-09-2011

Details: Product Description Winner of the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH) Arthur Shapiro Award for Best Book on Hypnosis, this book explores how mindfulness and hypnosis in a clinical context work to help foster change. In recent years mindfulness has become integrated into many clinicians' private practices, and become a staple of hospital and university based treatment programs for stress reduction, pain, anxiety management, and a host of other difficulties. Clinicians are now routinely encouraging their clients to focus, be aware, open, and accepting, and thereby derive benefit from the mindfulness experience. How has mindfulness, a treatment tool that might easily have been dismissed as esoteric only a few short years ago, become so widely accepted and applied? One obvious answer: Because it works. The empirical foundation documenting the therapeutic merits of mindfulness is already substantial and is still growing. This is not a book about documenting the therapeutic merits of mindfulness, however. Rather, this book is the first of its kind to address how and most importantly why guided mindfulness meditations can enhance treatment. The focus in this book is on the structure of guided mindfulness meditations and, especially, the role of suggestion in these processes. Specifically, one of the primary questions addressed in this book is this: When a psychotherapist conducts guided mindfulness meditations (GMMs) for some clinical purpose, how does mindfulness work? In posing this question other questions arise that are every bit as compelling: Do GMMs contain structural elements that can be identified and amplified and thereby employed more efficiently? How do we determine who is most likely to benefit from such methods? Can GMMs be improved by adapting them to the needs of specific individuals rather than employing scripted "one size fits all" approaches? Discussing the role of suggestion in experience and offering the author's concrete suggestions for integrating this work into psychotherapy, this book is a practical guide to hypnosis, focusing, and mindfulness for the clinician. Review “Yapko has made significant contributions to hypnosis over the years. We believe that in comparing hypnosis to mindfulness, he has sharpened the focus of his insightful vision to help us see clearly the nature and mechanisms of hypnosis. . . . We highly recommend this book.” - American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis “This book is both provocative and practical…Readers unfamiliar with this topic may finish this book eager to apply ‘guided mindfulness meditation’ to imagination, memory, and other human potentials that clinicians attempt to foster…Recommended.” - CHOICE “[I]nsightfully describes the vital and inevitable role of suggestion and goal orientation.” - Human Givens Journal (UK) “With courage and creativity, Dr. Yapko explores the intersection of mindfulness and hypnosis and finds many fresh insights and techniques that will benefit psychotherapists and anyone interested in the inner world. His book embodies many of the virtues of his two subjects: it is accepting and also prescriptive, spacious and focused, receptive and penetrating. His writing is clear, open-minded, concise, and practical - and sweeps the reader along with an exuberance that shines through his scholarship.” - Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom “Michael Yapko has created a classic. Not only does this latest book discuss the similarities and differences between hypnosis and mindfulness, it does so in such a knowledgeable, insightful, and well-documented manner that it is likely to become a reference book for years to come.... [O]ne of his best works yet.” - The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter “Attune to the lively way in which Michael Yapko eases guided mindfulness meditation (GMM) and hypnosis into the 21st Century, elucidating fundamental structures and inter

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