More Instant Self-Hypnosis: "hypnotize yourself as you read"

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Author: Blair, Forbes Robbins

Brand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 282

Release Date: 23-02-2011

Details: Product Description "Attract Surplus Money," "Become More Attractive," "Easy Weight Release," "Deeper Voice," "Strong, Lean and Powerful Body," "Achieve Your Potential," "Attract A Mate," "Job Interview Confidence," "Stop People Pleasing," "Stop Worrying," and dozens more... From the author of the bestselling Instant Self Hypnosis book comes this long-awaited sequel. Using the hypnosis as-you-read method he discovered, there are 48 fresh self hypnosis scripts included with tips and secrets to help you become more successful. There's nothing to memorize or scripts for you to record. It's easy, fun, quick and effective. More Instant Self Hypnosis offers a foolproof way to get results in about 15 minutes a day. You can achieve your goals in days. Just read to succeed. This book features an explanation of the as-you-read hypnosis system, how to improve your results, many interactive self hypnosis experiments, and a new Master Induction 2.0. The five exciting, powerful bonuses include a Rapid-Induction Script and a script to hypnotize other people. Just look inside for more exciting scripts to reach YOUR goals.... About the Author Mr. Forbes Robbins Blair received his hypnosis certification from American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1996. Since 1997, Mr. Blair has worked with numerous clients 1-on-1 to help them achieve their goals. He is the author of Instant Self Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis Revolution, Self Hypnosis As You Read, and The Manifestation Manifesto, among others. He produced two law of attraction ebook/audio programs (the Genie Within and The Soul of the Knight) and many hypnosis mp3s and scripts which can be found on his website. He has guest-hosted numerous regional and national radio programs (including the Sirius-Xm shows, Broadminded and The Maggie Linton Show) and tv programs. He has taught dozens of self hypnosis and manifestation classes and seminars. Contact him through his website:

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