Shaman- Nature Shaman Reiki - Mother Earth & Nature Deva Connections #16

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    Nature Shaman Reiki was channeled in 2016 by Daelyn Wolf.


    Nature Shaman Reiki is a multi level system that contains 3 initiations which are received at the same time. The levels within this system work to connect you to the energies of Nature, Higher Sacred Source and your Soul Energy. 


    Nature Shaman Reiki Level

    Level 1 teaches you about how you can be at one with your surroundings and the elements of Mother Nature. Becoming one with Mother Earth and moving your energies into the I AM Consciousness.


    Nature Shaman Reiki Level 2

    Level 2 gives you a simple to use Meditation which is used for Energy Expansion, Self Discovery and Personal Empowerment. 


    Nature Shaman Reiki Level 3

    Level 3 has been desgined to open you to the Communcation with Animals, Plants and Mother Earth. This takes some practice and you must learn to listen to your Inner Voice, Intuition and Internal Instincts. The Vibrations of level 3 will slowly open your Psychic abilities to help you receive Spiritual Guidance from Nature Devas and much more. 

    You will receive a confirmation email. You will receive the courses within 72 hours. Atunements will be prepared for you in Chi Balls within 72 hours and you can choose time and day yourself when to receive your Attunements with the prepared Chi Balls. The Chi Balls stay valid till YOU are ready to receive your Attunement. See in Course List for info on how Chi Balls work.