Nerve Care - Relief from Nerve Pain & Sciatica with the Eternal Light Beings #39a

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    Nerve Care was channeled in 2010 by Mariah Windsong. 

    Nerve Care has been channeled to give Healing and Revitalizing Energies that are delivered by your Spiritual CARE Team. CARE means: Calling all Responsive Eternals, so when you work with your CARE Team you are calling forth Eternal Light Beings to help you with your Healing Sessions. Through Nerve Care, the CARE Teacm work to scan your Nervous System so that they can determine its needs then send gentle and effective Healing to the right areas. 

    Nerve Care is quite often felt as a Warm, Rippling Vibration through your body as the Energies flow through the Nervous System. Via Nerve Care you will also receive a Sub based Energy to Myelin Health TM. Myelin Health works to promote the regenerations and maintenance for the Myelin Sheath that insulates your Nerves. Nerves conduct the messages from your Brain to various parts of your Body in order for you to move your muscles. Other Nerves transmit the Feelings of Sensations from where they occur, back to your Brain so you can feel both Pleasure and Pain. 

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