Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing Foundations for Healthcare Professionals (2X 136.1 Hz + 1x 68.05 Hz Tuning Forks, Activators, Instructional Manual, Bonus Charts)

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  • OHM THERAPEUTICS MOST COMPLETE TOOL SET features weighted tuning forks for application to the physical body. Instructional Manual, video tutorials and medical grade instruments provide a solid working basis for integrating Sound Healing into your practice. Learn twenty plus treatment protocol: each tuning fork application features acu-points, anatomical placement, and explains why recommended placement is beneficial.
  • WHAT SETS US APART: Educators and years of clinical use inform Ohm Therapeutics instructional material. Creator of system, Marjorie de Muynck, M.Sc. in Music Education and M.Sc. in Oriental Medicine, Hon., developed two Sound Healing systems featuring applied vibration and tuning forks, and authored two textbooks on the subject.
  • A former LMP with an On-site practice, de Muynck’s recommended healing protocol are enriched by her years as a Massage and Shiatsu Therapist, student of Oriental Medicine, and Sound Healing educator.
  • Use Ohm Tuning Forks to alleviate symptoms from repetitive stress injuries (e.g., Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), tendonitis, tension headaches, clenching related to TMJ, and to balance and equilibrate the body. Applied vibration relaxes muscular tension, helps reduce inflammation and swelling, and eases pain.
  • Ohm Therapeutics SOUND HEALING FOUNDATIONS for Healthcare Professionals seeking to incorporate vibrational healing with Ohm Tuning Forks into their practice (2x 136.1 hz + 68.05 hz) Learn Tuning Fork Technique; Pace of Application and Body Mechanics; and Tuning Fork Applications Methods including Double, Distal and Bi-lateral, utilizing the body’s meridian system. Includes two bonus laminated Charts: Table & Chair Massage and Chakra Balancing with Sound Applications

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Details: Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing Foundations for Healthcare Professionals The Level I Foundations Bundle includes: 2x Mid Ohm Tuning Fork (136.1 Hz ea.) 1x Low Ohm Tuning Fork (68.05 Hz) Instructional Manual + DVD (112 pages, medical illustrations/photos + 26 min. video featuring over twenty treatments) Practitioner Activator (leaves both hands free for tuning fork activation and application) Tuning Fork Activator (hand-held option for learning and quick tune-ups) Ohm—A World in Harmony CD (featuring Ohm Drone, a continuous nuanced tone that harmonizes with Ohm Tuning Forks Vibrational Healing Music CD (music harmonizes with sound vibration of Ohm Tuning Forks, enhancing their healing resonance) Table and Chair Massage Treatment Chart Chakra Balancing with Sound Treatment ChartExplore the world of Sound Therapy with easy-to-learn tuning fork applications.Foundations Set features a TEXTBOOK with 30+ color treatment photos and 20 medical illustrations (112 pages plus 8 page color insert), educational Charts and video tutorials (26 min).TUNING FORK APPLICATION VIDEO: Learn tuning fork technique; pace of application and body mechanics; plus tuning fork applications methods (Double, Distal and Bi-lateral; Rolling & Caduceus Weaving) for physical and subtle body. Twenty detailed treatments feature acu-points, anatomical placement, and the body’s meridian system (energetic pathways).TREATMENT CHARTS: These quick-reference guides are great visual aids in your treatment space, suggesting tuning fork placement and application techniques.Sound Healing Foundations will prepare newcomers as well health care practitioners, who want to incorporate Ohm Tuning Forks into their self-care and professional practices.Visit Ohm Therapeutic’s Amazon storefront, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE OHM to explore our full product line!

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