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Who are the Psychics on Oranum?

Oranum features psychics in all time zones at all hours. The online status of each psychic is indicated by the word ‘Live’ next to a green dot in the upper-right corner of each reader’s thumbnail.

Below each psychic, shows information about that reader’s rating, languages, and areas of expertise are listed. Most of the psychics speak English and some also speak one or more Continental languages.

Members can scroll up and down the Oranum front page and filter results by topic and popularity. The purple search menu on the left lets you filter psychic returns to specific areas of expertise, such as astrology and dream interpretation. Above the thumbnail table, the site features a lavender bar with additional pull-down search options.

A Focus on Answering Those Hard-Pressed Questions

Love is a powerful emotion that brings many people happiness and bliss. It can also be a source of pain and uncertainty. Whether you are with a partner or pining over a romantic interest, you probably have many questions about that person. Does he/she love me back? Are we destined for one another?

Psychics are asked these questions all the time. Oranum has live psychics that really seem to excel in answering questions related to love, finances, and passing of a relative. With each psychic reading I got from them, I gained a lot more insight and clarity into my current relationship.

Dream interpretation on Oranum

The thoughts and images that cross people’s minds during sleep have been the source of fascination and scientific study throughout human history. What do your dreams mean and what significance might a certain dream hold in your life?

A psychic can help you find the answer through a process known as dream interpretation, where meanings are assigned to dreams. Oranum has hundreds of live psychics on hand who give psychic readings that can help you make sense of your dreams.

Divination Methods Oranum Psychics Use

At the heart of some psychic readings is the concept of astrology, in which psychics predict human affairs according to the position of celestial objects. Based on the relative positions of the sun, moon, Earth, and stars at the time of your birth, a psychic can predict the course of your relationships and career prospects.

Anyone looking for a window into the future should try an astrological psychic reading. You could gain insights that could alert you in advance of upcoming opportunities in your personal and professional life. Oranum psychics specialize in astrology and are always available to give entertaining and insightful readings.

Other specialties of the Oranum psychic readers include numerology, clairvoyance, tarot cards, and palm reading. Some of the main categories are divided into subcategories. For example, numerology covers specific areas like birthdate analysis, date picking, karmic numbers and life destiny.

Sound healing covers sound therapy and ASMR. The rituals category includes Chakra, chios, crystal, rune healing and more.

Review of the Joining Process

Anyone can join Oranum for free by selecting a username and password and entering an email address.

As a basic member, you can view the bios of the different psych readers. On select psychic reader profiles, you’ll be greeted with a prerecorded video of the psychic in question. This can help you get a more accurate impression of the psychic before you enter a video chat. If you feel like this psychic could give you a good reading, upgrade to premium membership.

As a premium member, you’ll get 9.99 free credits. You can use this for your first 10 minutes of free chat with the psychic of your choice. If you really enjoy the reading, you can purchase additional credits to spend per minute in private chat.

Oranum also offers customer service chat. If you have any questions about your membership, credits and billing, you can access customer service by clicking Contact Support on the Get Credits window. 

How to get 10 Minutes of Free Credits

Oranum offers 10 minutes of free chat time with any online psychic reader on the site. According to oranum reviews customers can redeem the offer with the 9.99 free credits just for signing up.

New users can choose from hundreds of psychics on Oranum and use the 10 minutes for personal readings. Once the free credits expire, users can purchase more credits for reading time per minute. Readings are conducted via video chat.

Oranum Final Verdict

In conclusion, Oranum is a good website if you prefer a video reading instead of a phone reading or text reading. They provide you with lots of information on each psychic so you can really feel if they are a good match for you before committing to a longer call.