Orgone quartz point pendant necklace with Seven Chakra healing stones. Boost your chakras. Made in USA

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Brand: Micha Orgone

Details: Orgone creations are simply energy storehouses. The energy they store is spiritual energy, energy that nurtures your being, your soul. 
People noticed health improving, plants growing healthier, animals and people being magnetized by those universal force energies, negative energy transmuted into good vibes, prosperity increased, spiritual and psychic channels being opened, a general state of well being and peace, happiness and joy.

After all Orgone is the universal life force (prana, chi. Ki) which is found freely in the nature where it hasn't been energetically corrupted or polluted.

  • This Seven Chakra Orgone Energy Pendant includes red coral for the base chakra, carnelian for the sacral chakra, citrine for the solar plexus, peridot for the heart chakra, turquoise for the throat chakra, lapis lazuli for the third eye and amethyst for the crown chakra. Also contains brass metal shavings for EMF protection
  • Activates and boosts the chakras to work in balance and greater power.
  • Casted in transparent resin mold.
  • Size: 1.75" (4.5 cm) height.
  • Golden hanger bail and chain.
  • Includes a black necklace cord, so it's ready to wear.
  • Unique piece handmade in USA.

    Please note:
    *This product is not to be used for medicinal purposes and will not cure diseases alone. Any references made about "healing properties" refers to the mind and spirit rather than the physical body. **Orgone devices are not conventional jewelry pieces. Do not expect the same finishing as for Orgone making, raw materials are used. ***This product is handmade, even though we do our best to give the best finishing to each piece, minor scratches and irregularities could be present. Non two pieces are equal.

    Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches