Palm Reading: A Little Guide To Life's Secrets (RP Minis)

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Author: Fairchild, Dennis

Brand: RP Minis

Edition: Illustrated


  • Palm Reading: A Little Guide to Life's Secrets (Miniature Edition)

Binding: Hardcover

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 144

Release Date: 24-08-1995

Details: Product Description Explore the magic and the mystery of palm reading in this fully-illustrated guide to the ancient art. Noted psychic Dennis Fairchild reveals the secrets of the centuries-old art of palmistry, showing how to interpret the lines and formations in the hand. This useful, mini book fits in the palm of your very own hand, and is an enchanted guide to the ways in which our palms can reveal character and predict fate and fortunes With full-color illustrations throughout, this captivating primer covers all the essentials needed to perform insightful palm readings for yourself and your friends. Review Do you have short fingers? Then you may make decisions quickly, acting fast, but not always thinking things through. What about your heart line--is it deeply etched or does it split and tassel? Are your fingernails oval or almond shaped? For centuries people have been looking to their hands for guidance about the future. Palm Reading never claims that this ancient art can predict how much money you'll make or how many children you'll have, but it does contend that "your hand is a miniature map of the inner you." Each brief chapter--covering the hand, the fingers, and the lines of the palm--offers keys to unlocking the secrets held within your own hand. Artful, whimsical illustrations help readers figure out whether they have whorled fingerprints or spatulate fingertips. Bound to inspire hours of amusement and interest, this little book is a must for your next party--and it's small enough to carry in the palm of your hand. About the Author Dennis Fairchild is a professional palmist and psychic who lives in Michigan.

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Languages: English