Pendant Chakra Necklace with Genuine Healing Crystal Stone, Crystals Jewelry for Women and Men, Girls, Boys, Handmade with Love, Spiritual Gifts for Positive Energy and Meditation by Smoky Quartz

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Color: Kyanite


  • - GENUINE GEMSTONES: Balance the energy of the chakras and realize your unlimited potential with a pendant necklace made with a genuine crystal and a blue howlite healing stone stamped right in the center.
  • - HANDMADE WITH LOVE: We handcraft each natural healing crystal necklace with an outpouring of love, the purest of intentions, and incredible attention to the smallest details.
  • - KYANITE PROPERTIES: A great gift for healers. Directs the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual bodies. Strengthens the throat and third eye chakras. Increases communication and spiritual awareness. Calms anger and hopelessness.
  • - GREAT GIFT IDEA: Treat that special someone to the gift of positivity. Great as a spiritual gift for men, women, boys, and girls, this healing stone necklace crowns any occasion with deep meaning.
  • - BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We’ve been passionately making healing crystals jewelry for over 20 years now. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now with the confidence

Binding: Jewelry

Details: OPTIMIZE YOUR ENERGY SYSTEM WITH A GENUINE CHAKRA NECKLACE Feel the Energy Healing crystals are one of Mother Earth’s most powerful gifts to us: an opportunity to activate, balance, or amplify the chakras and unlock a world of unlimited peace, joy, and confidence. But only a genuine healing stone has the power to influence our physical, emotional, and spiritual energies - that’s what separates our chakra necklaces from the rest. We take great pride in using natural crystals sourced with purity of intention. Since our stones are natural, the color and shape may vary slightly from the picture, which means you get to wear chakra jewelry as wonderfully unique as you! Handmade with Care This isn’t just a pendant necklace, it’s a testament of passion, love, and uncompromising craftsmanship. Unlike other necklaces that are mass-produced using machines, we take our time to craft every one of our pieces by hand. We take a natural gemstone, attach it to the braided synthetic leather necklace using epoxy glue, and hand-paint the glue brown after fashioning it into a lovely triangular shape. All the stages of production are fully controlled by us. The result? A healing crystal necklace with heirloom durability. Here are more reasons to love our Chakra necklaces: ✔Available in a wide variety of stones to complement any chakra. ✔Each necklace has a blue howlite stone stamped in the center. ✔The crystal has a minimum size of 0.6” x 0.4” x 0.2”. ✔The 3mm thick necklace is 17” long with a 2” extension to fit men and women. ✔Makes a great spiritual gift to mark birthdays, holidays, and more. ✔Made with experience spanning over 20 years. ✔Backed by a no-hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Re-tune chakras and balance energies with a healing necklace that sparks compliments!

Package Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.7 x 0.7 inches