Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday

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Author: Sockolov, Matthew

Brand: Althea Press

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 210

Release Date: 11-09-2018

Details: Product Description Find everyday calmness and clarity with simple mindfulness meditations and exercises Mindfulness meditations are a great way to cultivate awareness and acceptance of the here and now―Practicing Mindfulness makes it easy and accessible with 75 evidence-based exercises designed to bring calmness and compassion into your day-to-day. From finding focus with a 5-minute The Power of the Mind exercise to embracing the experience with a 25-minute Open-Awareness Meditation, Practicing Mindfulness provides the tools you need to relieve stress, improve wellness, and practice peace of mind moment to moment and throughout the daily grind. Practicing Mindfulness includes: The daily mind―Discover exactly what mindfulness is, how it helps, and how these proven exercises can bring relief, relaxation, and resilience to your day-to-day. Practical advice―You’ll find plenty of help in dealing with distorted or wandering thoughts, how to handle mental blocks, and steps for staying cool and collected in all situations. Mind over matter―Ranging from short traditional meditations to longer creative exercises, you’ll find 75 easy-to-follow practices to ground yourself, like breathwork and body scans. Begin a journey of peace and patience today on the path to a better, more balanced life with Practicing Mindfulness. Review "Habits are difficult to change. Our ways of behaving and thinking become ingrained in our neural networks, and this often causes us to act without forethought or reflection. But there is a space between stimulus and response, and by practicing mindfulness, we can increase the space between the two. This is where Matthew Sockolov's book comes in. Practicing Mindfulness demystifies mindfulness practice, and is a wonderful—and necessary—addition to existing literature."—Sonnee D. Weedn, Ph.D. About the Author Matthew Sockolov is a mindfulness meditation teacher trained by Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California. The founding teacher of One Mind Dharma, Matthew leads meditations at One Mind Dharma's center in Northen California, addiction treatment centers across California, and in online groups. Meditation came into Matthew's life as a teenager struggling with his mental health and drug addiction. The practices of compassion, mindfulness, and loving-kindness helped him face his difficulties and grow through his young adulthood. His passion lies in investigating the ancient teachings of the Buddha, and how they are relevant to our modern life.

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