Pura Esprit Orgonite Orgone Pendant- Handmade Aquamarine Orgone Energy Generator Chakra Healing Natural Crystal Pendant Necklace for – Emf Protection Reiki Healing Meditation Jewelry

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Brand: Pura Esprit

Color: Ocean Blue


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Orgone Energy represents protective universal energy or vital energy on earth. Orgone also referred to as Reiki, Chi, Prana.Orgonite accumulator first introduced by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Our Orgone stones and crystals necklaces work similarly like his accumulator & aid to balance energy fields by converting the low frequency into higher frequency energy.

Why Orgonite Pendant Necklace only made for you! Let's look to the Healing Properties-

EMF BLOCKER- Orgonite Pendants blocks EMF radiation and protects you hazardous radiation emitted from your electronic devices.

YOUTH CRYSTAL- Orgonite Aquamarine Crystals and Healing Stones generate energy to charm you that helps to let your skin, body organs to look younger.

ANXIETY RELIEF JEWELRY FOR WOMEN- Just wear Aquamarine Orgone Pendant helps balance excessive anger or fear, and clears past emotional, physical or verbal abuse.

CHAKRA HEALING CRYSTALS NECKLACE- Our wrapped pendant infused with chakra crystals set & orgonite materials to clear your chakra blockages.

ORGONITE POSITIVE ENERGY- Set our Orgone charm Pendant Necklace in your place and feel the infinite amount of Orgonite Positive Energy.

MEDITATION CRYSTALS SET- Aquamarine is an excellent natural crystal for meditation and the awakening of spirituality and inner abilities.

GET YOU MORE COMPLIMENTS- These Handmade Pendant Necklace create vibes in you and surrounding individuals, will let you be more elegant and win more compliments!

Get It Now and feel the orgone energy- to keep your surrounding more Positive, Confidence and Attractive!

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.1 x 1.3 inches