Self Healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit: 6 Books in 1: Chakras Awakening - Reiki - An Empowered Empath - Vagus Nerve Stimulation - Foods that Heal - Positive Affirmations. A Better You a Better Life

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Author: Wain, Dr. Louise Lily

Brand: Independently Published

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 807

Release Date: 07-05-2020

Details: Uncover the ULTIMATE guide to self-healing and create a life of positivity and wellbeing. Do you want to free yourself from negativity, embrace your gift of empathy, and practice emotional healing? Are you looking for heartfelt advice and practical exercises to help you build the life of your dreams and manifest your destiny? Or do you want to enjoy feelings of inner peace, calmness, and tranquility? Then this bundle is for you. Inside this incredible 6-in-1 book bundle, you’ll explore everything you need to know to heal your mind, body and soul. Drawing on a blend of psychological insights, ancient spiritual wisdom, and the latest scientific research, this bundle offers you a holistic and transformational path for healing. Breaking down the nature of empathy, how you can channel your chakras and stimulate your Vagus nerve, as well as insights into healing foods and positive affirmations, this bundle is a must-read for anyone who wants to fulfill their true potential. Here’s just a little of what you’ll find inside: In book one, you’ll discover the power of the 7 chakras, how you can unblock and channel them, along with how you can practice spiritual awakening. In book two, you’ll learn how the ancient energy healing of reiki will help you heal yourself and others. In book three, you’ll explore the foundations of an empowered empath, and how you can embrace your gift and free yourself from narcissistic abuse and negativity. In book four, you’ll learn about the proven science behind the Vagus nerve, along with how you can heal this essential part of your body for lasting wellbeing. In book five, you’ll find a practical eating plan with incredible healing foods that are designed to strengthen your body, fight off illness, and reduce inflammation. In book six, you’ll uncover 30+ brilliant types of affirmations for wealth, success, love, happiness, abundance, confidence, health, anxiety relief and more. And so much more… Don’t let this opportunity for a better life pass you by. Packed with heartfelt advice, practical strategies, and life-changing potential, this bundle is the ultimate ticket to manifesting the life of your dreams and becoming the person you want to be. Scroll up and buy now to begin your transformational journey today.

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