Silicate Crystal Care - Crystal Healing for Shock & Trauma #17

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    Silicate Crystal Care was channeled in 2011 by Mariah Windsong. 

    Silicate Crystal Care is a system that has been designed to help you to care for your Crystals and Mineral Friends who you have in your Home or Office. We expect our Crystal Friends to do so much for us each day but we sometimes forget to give back the love to them that they give to us. Most Crystals begin their lived as a part of a larger cluster or at least a stone that is larger than the piece that you own. This means that in their life, they have seperated from their larger Silicate Crystal from which they grew. It might sound crazy to some of you reading this but imagine suddenly being taken away from your Mum/Dad or Sibling, it would cause distress and great Shock to your Energy System. The same applies to our Crystal Friends. Silicate Crystals and Mineral Beings have sustained a very traumatic experience by being cut away from the Lattice/Matrix they grew upon. In some cases they barely remember what they are so when we want to adopt them into our life we must first work to heal them. Once they have been reconnected with their Soul Group they will once again become whole. 

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