Simple Self-Healing: The Magic of Autosuggestion

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Author: Coue, Emile

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 133

Release Date: 20-04-2017

Details: Product Description Simple Self-Healing That Works... French psychologist Émile Coué was one of the more underappreciated geniuses of 20th century medicine. Almost a hundred years ago, Coué’s popular self-healing method – which he called autosuggestion – helped cure thousands of people annually. Today, however, few people have ever even heard of him.This book introduces you to Coué’s overlooked formula, and will surprise you in the process. If you grasp the simplicity of autosuggestion, you’ll be able to use this wonderful tool as you wish – and it should help make your life “better and better.” Review "The Wordsworth of healing." -Ella Boyce Kirk, author of  My Pilgrimage to Coué   "You will love this unique man - unique by reason of his noble charity and his unselfish love of his brethren as Christ has taught it. And like myself, you will be healed physically, morally and mentally. Life will seem more worth living and altogether more beautiful. And that is surely worth trying for." -Marguerite Burnat-Provins, author of  Le Livre Pour Toi   "He succeeds in a simple way of stripping disease of its dignity." -George Draper,  Literary Digest   "The more one listens to Mr. Coué, the more one likes him, and the more his theories and methods exchange mystery for simplicity." -Robert Littell,  New Republic   "If every teacher had Mr. Coué's kindliness, charm, shrewdness, and simplicity, young people would go to school and college for the fun that they could get in their classrooms as well as on their playing fields." -Ernest Hamlin Abbott,  The Outlook   "A man whose devotion is rivaled by his modesty." -Charles Baudouin, author of  Suggestion and Autosuggestion

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