Soothing Bracelet - Natual Aquamarine bracelet - Bring Positive Energy - Peace - Youthfullness Bracelet - Stone Bracelet for Everlasting Joy

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Brand: Crystal Agate ( Prime Day Deals 2020)

Color: Blue, White


Aquamarine was also considered the most appropriate morning gift to give to a bride by her groom following the consummation of their marriage.

Aquamarine is the soothing stone. With its cool, calming color, Aquamarine inspires stillness and peace.

Even when life is making you angry or stressed, Aquamarine brings you back to the present. It reminds you of crystalline waters on peaceful shores.

If the spiritual and physical bodies have become misaligned, aquamarine gently realigns them, releasing intuitive communication on all levels..

Wearing this beautiful bracelet can allow the madness to become positive energyAquamarine is also the stone of youthfulness and everlasting joy.

It is considered a powerful protector of those who travels. With its ocean-like hues, Aquamarine helps to shield you from harm and ensure safe passage over waters.

Like water, Aquamarine reflects the world on its surface. It is like a mirror, revealing the things that have been hidden away. This makes it wonderful for meditation and introspection. Wearing Aquamarine can help you to confront the dark places within your soul and come face-to-face with yourself.

If you are struggling to communicate with those around you, Aquamarine can bring your voice back. It opens the channels of true communication and allows you to speak freely again.

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Package Dimensions: 6.6 x 5.3 x 1.0 inches