St. Anthony Abundance Empowerment - Petition to the Saints for Abundance #6

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    The St Anthony Abundance Empowerment was channeled in 2010 by Stephanie Brail. 

    The St Anthony Abundance Empowerment is a very simple to use system of Energetic Petition but is also very powerful with the results that are given if you are truly sincere of Heart when you call upon St Anthony. 

    Saint Anthony is the Patron Saint of the Poor as well as Lost Items. This energy has been designed to help you recover anything that has been lost but specifically helps to recover lost income and money that is owed to you. I also know of some students who have used this Attunement to help them to recover Money that they did not realise they had. Because Saint Anthony helps the Poor, this is also a wonderful system to use if you are seeking a new Job or are needing a boost to your Finances. 

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