Telepathy Gene Awakening - Telepathic DNA Awakening #22

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    The Telepathy Gene Awakening was channeled in 2011 by Mariah Windsong. 

    Telepathic communication is referred to as being the communication between Sentient Beings. Telepathy is basically Full Thought Communication. All the components of the thought are completely present. The Telepathy Gene Awakening works to awaken any Genes in your body that are responsible for giving your Brain the ability to interpret and consciously send Telepathic Thoughts. This is an Awakening Energy to use every day and as often as you possibly can. The Telepathy Gene Awakening works to increase your ability to control what Telepathic Transmissions you receive while at the same time turning up their volume. The energies also work to increase your ability to use gifts that your Spirit and Soul are already accustomed to using for Communication. 

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