The 72 Angel Cards, Dreams-Signs-Meditation, The Traditional Study of Angels, Universe/City Mikael

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Author: Christiane Muller

Edition: 74 Gold stamp cards with booklet

Binding: Cards

Number Of Pages: 74

Release Date: 10-05-2010

Details: Product Description Increasingly, the Traditional Study of Angels is being discussed as a philosophy for spiritual autonomy that will mark the decades to come. The 72 Angel cards, Dreams Signs Meditation are initiatic keys that can help us in many ways and working with them, based on the Traditional Study of Angels is very simple. - Angels symbolize our capacity to dream and be aware of the multi-dimensions of Life - Each card enumerates the Qualities of an Angel, and overleaf the human distortions are listed - Easy to carry everywhere! - Helps to develop our spiritual autonomy - An ideal complement to the International Bestsellers: The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets by the same authors An Angel is a Field of Consciousness representing Qualities, Virtues and Powers in their purest state. We can choose an Angel to work with by following the Angel Calendar (included in the set) based on the date and time of our birth, or according to a problem we are experiencing or a quality we would like to develop or improve; or we can simply pick an Angel card at random to see what we need to work on, or in answer to a specific question. Work with the Angels is spiritually autonomous work that helps us connect with deep memories in our unconscious and creates openings within us, which then manifest in dreams and powerful signs in our everyday lives. Through Angel Recitation (i.e. repeating the name of an Angel like a mantra), we activate Angelic Energies and Powers within us thereby increasing our capacity to dream, dream recall. We can also identify aspects of our dreams and signs and better understand their meaning through the qualities and human distortions of the Angel card we are working with. These cards are a wonderful complement of the International Bestsellers The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets by Kaya and Christiane Muller. NOTE: This unit DOES NOT include a book but a booklet which explains how to work with the Angels. Review When I reached 40, I thought I had already achieved all my dreams. I had a family, a home, and a job I enjoyed that allowed me to combine motherhood and a profession. I wondered what could possibly inspire me now. Well, I encountered the Angels and life has become a challenging, wonder-filled adventure where the bad moments, the nightmares, the falls from pride, the often shameful awakenings along with the surprising synchronicities, the awe inspiring dreams and visions and unexpected gifts turning up out of the blue lead to the knowledge that I am now empowered to cleanse my faults, purify my flaws, pay off some of my debts, transcend my distortions and develop pure qualities to rediscover my Divine self and to fulfill my purpose here on Earth. Detoxifying is not always very pleasant, but the benefits gained lead us to dreams beyond our imagination. To Kaya, Christiane and Kasara, the UCM team and all the volunteers, my sincerest and most heartfelt gratitude for your selfless devotion, inspiring generosity and pure love for the Divine. To all of you who decide to start working on yourselves with The Traditional Study of Angel, for those of you who start studying at the Universe/City Mikael, rest assured, you are about to embark on the most marvelous journey of discovery: discovery of yourself and discovery of the Divine Laws that govern the Universe and Knowledge of that perfect Cosmic Intelligence, the Divine Hierarchy, God Himself. - --Preface by Blanaid Rensch About the Author KAYA & CHRISTIANE MULLER are Professors, Authors and International Lecturers on Angels, Dreams, and Signs & Symbols in many countries throughout the world. They are also Founders of Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Teaching and Research Center, a Non-Profit Organization. Their philanthropy, exemplary devotion, and humanitarian aid have become a source of inspiration for millions of people on the planet. Their capacity to understand and explain how human conscience works through symbolic language is an extraordinary

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Languages: English, French